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Keyword Research Specialist Jobs

You are performing a keyword search and wonder which strategy you should you use. Which keywords to choose? Working as a freelancer and performing SEO Keyword Research for clients is a service that can pay pretty well, especially if you think about the opportunity you have in hand when you do more than just keyword research.


SEO is not just researching keywords, it is a lot more than that and this is what you, as a freelancer, are looking for. The services you can bring to end clients is what they need to increase traffic to their website but also make more money by selling products through online channels. 


Keyword Research Tools

Many online and offline tools are available There are tools out there giving you the information that you only need to compile in a “handy” format which often is just a spreadsheet.


Your first keyword research will be most likely with the usage of Google Adwords Planner which is absolutely great although it cannot give the detail other tools give but I will come to that later.


Where to Find SEO Keyword Research Jobs?

There are a few sites but I go mainly to and Upwork for my freelancing work and they are just a good start. Maybe the price is not that much because of the competition from countries like India and Pakistan but your aim is to have a long-term commitment to clients and not a one-off for a few bucks.


Do not Underestimate the Keyword Research Work

Keyword research can be a challenging job especially when you start searching keywords in niches you do not understand. For example, you can get a request on keyword analysis on keywords in the niche chiropractic.


Google writes the following “a system of complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints, especially those of the spinal column, which are believed to cause other disorders by affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs.”


Absolutely terrific and now you need to start searching for keywords, of course, the tools do help you but would it not be better to at least understand what you talk about on a deeper level than just googling for the keyword?


Starting on Freelancer as a Keyword Research Specialist

As mentioned, there are plenty of jobs on to start as a keyword research specialist but there is a lot of competition from cheap labour countries. Do you need to compete? Certainly but do not compete with the lowest price.


Employers normally have a budget and your bid should be based on your calculation, not just the budget of the employer.


What is Involved in a Keyword Research Service?

A Search Engine Optimisation Keyword Research expert will go through a few steps analysing keywords.


Certain keywords that work well for Google searches on the desktop will not work well for mobile and the simple reason is that for mobile people use very short keywords or keywords that are related (relevant) to the main keyword.




Keyword Tools

I am using Jaaxy for keyword research which gives me an overview of the number of searches per month, expected traffic, the competition and the strength of the keyword for search engine optimisation.


However, Jaaxy does not give me an overview in other languages which is really bothering me but I am not going into detail of Jaaxy, as this is not a review of Jaaxy but more how you as a freelancer can make money on keyword research.


On and also I found a lot of request on search engine optimisation that includes keyword research.


Type of Requests

  • A potential employer can ask for the top 100 keywords in their niche but you do not know the niche yet. How are you going to make a proposal without that much information?
  • A potential employer can ask for basic SEO for $25, interesting only if there is more work to come. For $25 you hardly can do anything, find a few keywords, maybe check the website and do give some recommendation.


google searchGoogle Keyword Search

Google has a fantastic tool that gives you the opportunity for free keywords search. Indeed, within Google Adwords, there is a planner option that is just free of charge and many freelancers will use that tool to get the hands on keywords that are good for SEO.


As the name already implies, it is for Adwords and when you check the information from Google on the keywords then it is not good enough for SEO on your website or for mobile devices.


Adword Campaigns

I have created Google Adwords campaigns and then Google Adwords any you can do a lot of research on that especially when you look at trends, history of keywords and what is expected.


For example, I ran keyword research for a company that wanted to sell tickets for the Amsterdam Dance Event. This was only for a short campaign, starting late August and finishing during the Amsterdam Dance Event itself.


Keyword research was done in Google Adwords and the trends showed that during the year there were absolutely no searches but that changed somewhere in July/August. Logical but it also showed the keywords which were good to be used and that is what I reported.


This research paid me money, it took me about 4 hours to get all that information and got paid, and more importantly I got other jobs as well through the same employer.


Making Money as an SEO Keyword Research Analyst

Making money online is certainly possible at or Upwork researching keywords for clients. You can use the free tools from Google but there are plenty of paid tools that give you more information than Google does and also what you need.


Basic steps for the SEO Keyword Research reports are:

  • Keyword research
  • Baseline measurement
  • Set goals
  • Do a technical review
  • Review the content
  • Create a report draft
  • Have a client meeting
  • Make the final report

I use Swydo to report, not only because of the SEO service but there is so much more at Swydo like Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing. All kind of reports you can think of using analytical data is possible with Swydo and customers to love it.


Of course, this article is only a glimpse on Search Engine Optimisation Keyword Research. There is so much more to discuss for a good research and I will add soon.


Currently, I run a few campaigns and get more and more request from clients making me pretty busy during a day.


This also means that I am also interested if you would like to start as a freelancer, I definitely will have jobs that will earn you money.


I will give you a summary, you tell me how much you want to have for that, then I will see if I can pay the amount you would like to have. That is just how it goes, you calculate a price on the requirements. Get in touch with me if you are interested and not just on keyword research, I do a lot more and have a lot more jobs than I can do myself.


siri iconMobile Phone

Interestingly enough I have not seen requests for Mobile Phone SEO which is different. Just think about the keywords you type into the search engine on your mobile. These are different than on your laptop or desktop.

  • A bicycle will be bike because it is a lot shorter
  • A doctor will be a GP


You start thinking what you type into your mobile when you search for something and it will not take long before people start using the voice system like Siri on the iPhone and iPad.

Then you get the next step is how will voice keyword research take place. Of course, some are already using it but this is an open market where you can become a guru as it is a small niche in the keyword research arena.



There is absolutely money to be made working as a freelancer on a keyword research project. I see more and more jobs coming to me and they are all paying jobs.


The start can be a little tricky because you will see prices that you do not want to work for but when you are from cheaper labour countries than these prices will be okay.



Leave a comment or get in contact with me if you are interested in working as a freelancer and would like to receive certain jobs from me?



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