SEO Powersuite

The SEO Powersuite Review is based on actively using this SEO tool for not only our own websites but also to increase the ranking and traffic for our clients. We have been using SEO Powersuite now for several years and just love it. There might be other SEO alternative tools out there but we see no reason to change.


As a matter of fact due to our experience with SEO Powersuite we do just want YOU not to miss out on this fantastic tool which is not only cheaper than others but more importantly brings the best out of your or your client’s websites which obvious is very important.


What you will find out here at Keenclick is not only how to use SEO Powersuite and use that knowledge on your own website but also optimising two websites of our own which will be used as live examples which is great, we can mess around and see what actually works and what does not work.


SEO Powersuite Explained

SEO Powersuite consist of 4 SEO tools which are Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant, together they are all you need to run proper Search Engine Optimisation campaigns for yourself or for clients if you are an agency.


rank tracker Rank Tracker Monitor Ranking, Unlimited Keywords, GEO Specific, Keyword Analysis
website auditor Website Auditor Technical SEO, Website Analysis, Competitor Research, On-Page
seo spyglass SEO SpyGlass Backlink analysis, Competitor Analysis, Penalty Risk, Domain Comparison, Referral Traffic
link assistant Link Assistant Research Link Opportunities, Direct Prospect Outreach, Link Verification


SEO Powersuite has 3 editions which are the FREE, Professional and the Enterprise Edition. We will write dedicated pages for each tool and these will be in much more detail then the overall SEO Powersuite description that you are reading now.

On this higher level the main question you might ask is:


Why should I purchase SEO Powersuite and not a SEO Powersuite alternative?


There are indeed plenty SEO tools out there but if you have done your research you will see that SEO Powersuite is really an All in One SEO Platform that has no equal.


The Best SEO Tool on the Market

Many SEO Blogger will write about the best SEO Tool or write SEO Powersuite Review but are they really using it? Are they writing from experience or is it just a load of words and they just try to make a few bucks out of it. To us, it is not a problem, we expect people to research the best tool on the market or better the best SEO tool that will work for them and for us that is SEO Powersuite and we want you to learn from our experience and use it for your own benefit wether that is to purchase SEO Powersuite or go for another tool. Main thing is, do your research and then decide for yourself if that best SEO tool will work for you becuase if it isn't then it simply is not the best tool for you.


We can write about alternatives to SEO Powersuite, we can compare different tools with their strengths and their weaknesses but the problem with that is that every time one of the SEO tools has an update it must be checked again because it might be that the weakness has been dealt with and an update of “our” content is inevitable because content is king and must be accurate .

This is also why you see that SEO guru’s update their old content to make sure it is fresh and match to the SEO requirements of today.


All in One SEO

As mentioned earlier, SEO Powersuite consists of 4 different sofware packages that together gives you all you need to run SEO campaigns for yourself or for your clients. SEO campaigns run from keyword rank tracking to verifying backlinks, next to “spying” on competitors and auditing websites.


This together brings the 4 different software packages into one SEO tool making it a one-stop SEO tool All in One.


SEO Guru

To run and understand SEO Powersuite you do not need to be an SEO Guru, a starter in the SEO world can run campaigns very well using any of the 4 tools just as using only 1 if that is necessary.

For a complete SEO campaign clearly all 4 tools are needed because you simply need to do an audit, you need to research the competitors, you need to research keywords and you need to setup backlinks because, as you know, backlinks are still very important.


Main elements of SEO

I already wrote the main elements of SEO but that is just to shorten it because SEO in itself is very complex because there are so many ranking factors and the question is then where to put to focus too. Is it all the ranking factors or just a few but only that few that really will have an impact ranking your keywords in the search engines?


SEO Powersuite just brings you all that next to some other very interesting features like automation.


Automating Tasks

It can be pretty boring to run tasks manually over and over again and that is simply not necessary. SEO Powersuite has a feature to automate tasks where selected tasks run at the time that you want. This is great, however, there is at the same time one “negative” aspect when you run SEO Powersuite on a laptop. SEO Powersuite is not designed to run in the Cloud, some elements are but the 4 applications run on your local PC or laptop and running an automated task means that the PC or laptop must be switched on.


This can be a negative point however there is nothing wrong about having a dedicated machine running the software and use a remote desktop solution to run the software 24x7, although pricing then goes up because of the remote desktop.


SEO Powersuite Features

We just wrote about the automated tasks but obviously there are many other features in SEO Powersuite upon which you will make a decision next to the price which interestingly is incredibly low and that has to do with for SEO Powersuite not to maintain many servers to run the software with their millions of users in the same cloud.


  • Reporting can be automated and delivered to any receiver by email
  • Compare backlink profiles
  • Link builder
  • Track competitors keywords and the rank of these keywords
  • A clipboard for each copy and paste between projects, documents and more
  • Audit websites by crawling each page and report on each page
  • Data can be exported to a variety of formats like .txt, csv, .sql and more
  • Data is stored in files and can be kept "forever"
  • Manage all your links through Link Assistant
  • Unlimted number of keywords to chose, rank, and monitor
  • Unlimited number of website to add to SEO Powersuite
  • Print your report with or without a watermark
  • Reports created are professional and can be send directly to clients
  • Keep the history of your projects
  • There is a cloud service to store data
  • Schedule tasks any date or time you wish a task to run
  • The enterprise version offer white label where you can add your own logo


Search Safety Settings

Configure safety setting like Human Emulation, User Agents, Proxy Rotation, Captcha, Safe Query Mode.


Analyse the competition

Understand the strength and weaknesses of your competitors and use that to improve your own website whether it is content, backlinks or keywords they are NOT using.


Audit Websites

Find all issues of your own or your client’s website and start the optimisation process fixing all issues Website Auditor finds.


Build links, manage link

Having backlinks is an important ranking factor and finding link prospects and contacting them to start the link building process making use of the built-in mail client and once a link has been setup verify it using an automated task.


Google does not always provide keywords

One of the problems in Google Analytics is the “not provided” problem when you want to know which keyword is used by someone to land on one of your landing pages however, SEO Powersuite has unlocked this “problem” with an over 90% accurate rate.


Hit by Panda Penguin or Humingbird?

Search Engine updates are great but for some the Panda Penguin and/or Hummingbird update were catastrophic. Websites ranking really plummeted overnight, you do not want to have that happen to your site therefore identifying the issues and fixing is a great feature.


Integrate 3rd Party Apps

The integration of Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner but also a MOZ API to get DA/PA values is a great asset.



Multiple languages

Some would like to have their own native language and that is possible because as of 2019 the following languages are supported for the user interface; English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and French.


Optimise the content and HMTL

Content is king that is a known fact but create the content with SEO in your mind by optimising your landing pages using best practices in the SEO world.


Research backlinks

Some backlinks are bad that might result in a penalty, some backlinks are good that really help you rank higher in the search engines, researching all these backlinks is a must in order to beat your competitors.


Research your keyword in detail

Before you optimise your content using keywords, analyse the keywords in detail with the metric Keyword Difficulty, giving you a wealth of information and a competitive advantage.


Robots.txt and Sitemap

Create the sitemap.xml and robots.txt within SEO Powersuite and upload it to your server although XML-Sitemaps is an absolutely great tool to create the sitemap using a cron.


SEO for the Local and Global Market

It really does not matter if you target local or global locations, SEO Powersuite is very flexible that you can target whatever you want or need for your business.


SEO Powersuite has 24x7 support

The communication with SEO Powersuite is really fantastic with a 24x7 support and sending emails from within the tools that attaches the project is a perfect way to send all documentation needed for any project related question or issue next to the Live Chat which is the way to go when you are in a hurry although the Facebook SEO Powersuite User Group is another way to get answers to your questions.


Social Media

Research the popularity of certain pages in combination with the backlink’s popularity on all main Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.


Universal Rank Tracking

More and more search engines, as of 2019 there are over 300) are added to SEO Powersuite giving you a wealth of information and the ability to monitor and track the rankings of your keywords in these search engines.


Just a summary of all the beauty that SEO Powersuite has to offer you for a price that is lower than others.


SEO Powersuite Editions

There are 3 editions of SEO Powersuite and these are FREE, Professional and Enterprise and each of the editions has its own limitations to the SEO Powersuite features. 

Edition FREE Professional Enterprise
Maximum number of websites All editions allow an unlimited number of websites to be projected for optimisation, researching, analysing or any other SEO process that you can think off. There are no limitations or restrictions.
Maximum number of keywords There is no limit to the number of keywords you would like to target.
Number of backlinks 1100 links Where the FREE version is limited of 1100 links, the professional and enterprise version gives you an unlimited backlink list of your or your competitors website next to a research of backlink opportunities for your website through an audit or competition research.
Crawl pages for SEO audit 500 URLs Optimise an unlimited number of URLs by understanding the technical implications.
Link Management 50 link pages per project Manage an unlimited list of link URLs verifying that they still exist, have not changed to keep your backlink building efforts healthy.
History of ranks, backlinks etc No option to save the history. Keep the history of your data to analyse your ranking efforts over time.
Saving projects with history No options to save your projects You can save an unlimited number of projects locally or Dropbox and open these projects on other computers as well.
Competitors rank tracking Track the ranking of your competitors by adding their website to the project profile where the FREE edition allows 1 competitor but Professional Edition 5 and the Enterprise Edition 10 competitors.
Task Scheduler Unfortunately, no scheduling of tasks possible Run your SEO Powersuite on a dedicated machine, never turn it off and then schedule SEO tasks at a certain time or day.
Printing Reports You cannot print the report Print reports to printer or PDF with a watermark. Print reports to printer or PDF without a watermark.
Copying data to clipboard Not possible This sounds straightforward but definitely great to copy data and use it elsewhere like directly in the browser.
Professional SEO reports inside the software All versions contain a reporting feature that is not time limited.
Printing Reports You cannot print the report Print reports to printer or PDF with a watermark. Print reports to printer or PDF without a watermark.
White-labelling reports for clients No white labelling reports. Customise the reports with your and your client’s logo including options to exclude sections in the reporting.
Automatic scheduled report delivery No scheduling possible. Schedule the sending of email, publish the information to your intranet or other website next to the option to save the data at any given time.
Exporting data in .txt, .html, .csv, .sql No option to export the data. Export data in other formats for any tasks what you would like to do with it outside of SEO Powersuite.
SEO PowerSuite Cloud services Not possible Store 20 projects (Professional Edition) or 400 projects and 4000 reports (Enterprise Edition) in the SEO Powersuite Cloud for easy sharing and collaboration with your team.
Backlink profile comparison Research your competitor’s backlink profile where FREE gives you 2 competitors to analyse and professional and enterprise both give you a maximum of 5 competitors to analyse, giving you another opportunity for link building.



SEO Powersuite Price

The SEO Powersuite FREE Edition is indeed free of charge and the recommendation is to download the free version and get yourself familiar with SEO Powersuite before you buy a paid version which you will do because of the saving options.


Since a few years now we use SEO Powersuite and we absolutely love it. The tracking of the data, the link building, the spying on competitors and website auditing are absolutely great and with a price that is less compared to SEO Powersuite competitors there is every reason to download SEO Powersuite and start working with it.


SEO Powersuite