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The Competitor Website Analysis Service is an essential part of the small business SEO service provided to analyse your competitors. In order to outperform your competition, the “analysis of competitors” is very important and often is underestimated.

Learning from your nearest rivals is a good thing.

Analyse the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) of your competitors’ website(s), understand their backlinks profile and the keywords your competitors are using to rank in the search engines.

  • STRENGTHS – Your brand, cost-effective, great domain name, your expertise, the good keywords, more organic traffic than your competitors, high-value backlinks, error-free website.
  • WEAKNESSES – No optimisation is done, (hence you read this article), low domain authority metrics, duplicate content, no or spammy backlinks, no relevant traffic, no budget.
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Update the current “crappy” content, add more high-quality content, build links from authoritative websites.
  • THREATS – Analyse competitors to understand who is strong and who is weak, startups poke in the same niece, search engine algorithm change

Competitor Analysis

One part of the competitor analysis as part of my website competition analysis services is to audit your competitors’ websites. Understanding the structure of their website, the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities, and the threats.

The question will pop up how to benefit from the flaws in the website of a competitor.

It sounds maybe a little nasty however looking for the strengths and weaknesses of opponents and using that for your benefit is done everywhere in society that including businesses.

In the SEO world, you will look for the weakness in your competitors’ search engine optimisation process website and use that weakness as an opportunity to make your own website stronger.

A weakness can be for example bad reviews or they are not using Social Media in full.

These weaknesses must be found and explored upon which you can create a plan to use your competitor to your advantage

  • Backlinks – The number of backlinks, the type of backlinks and which sites are linking to you and/or your competitors’ website.
  • Linking domains  – A list of domains where the links are coming from.
  • Anchor Text  – A list of anchor text used to link to your or your competitors website.
  • Referral Traffic – The sites the traffic comes from (this is only possible if there is access to analystic data).
  • Penalty Risk – The risk a link brings to a website.
  • Referring IPs – A list of IP addresses of the servers the links are originating from.
Competitor Website Analysis Service

A great plus of analysing competitors is that you can see directly their backlinks and if they are good for them they will be good for you as well.

To understand the referring domains are good, my job is to check the websites because they must be relevant and have quality content.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get the traffic from the websites because there is no access to analytical data but we can see if the site is an authoritative site and that is what we look for.

Avoiding penalty risk by disavowing harmful links to your site and at the same time removing potential websites from the copied websites your competitor gets links from.

It would be great to have links from websites hosted on different websites and different servers.

Our Competitor Website Analysis Service

The competitor website analysis service I offer is not a one-off job. Your competitors are most likely also busy ranking their pages higher in the search engines. It is a continuous effort not only to analyse but also to take action if needed.

Backlinks are added by your competitors showing to the search engines that your competitor’s site is trusted and that is what you also need to do since your website is without flaws; create backlinks to your website through our link building service.

Analysing the website of the competition takes time and that is time you most likely cannot effort because you need to run your business but on the other hand it is very important not to lose out to these competitors.

It is my job to analyse your competition, learn from them and use that in the search engine optimisation process for your website.

The first step will be to contact Keenclick to start this process and take away visitors from your competitors, gaining more leads and more revenue.

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