Money Back Shopping Sites

How to Make Money Shopping Online

We live in a world of online shopping and this shopping can get you money back.

Indeed make money online from home with shopping online at the shopping sites that will get you money back.

It is not a discount that you get and therefore pays less, nope, you get money back paid in your Paypal account because of your online shopping or even better the online shopping of your friends.

Yes indeed, your friends do the online shopping and you make money online.

There is an interesting number of money-back shopping sites where you will be shopping for a long time to come.




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extrabux logoCash Back Shopping Online

Does this not say it all? We all know that merchants and retailers overprice their products and this on a large scale.

We all fall into the same trap like it is normal that we pay prices that can be absolutely cheaper but they do not. We love to shop online and are always on the look for the best deal and then suddenly you see a site where you can get cash back while shopping online and purchasing goods through their site.

Nobody wants to pay the full price if you can get it somewhere else cheaper. Checking the local papers for cash back coupons which you have to take to a physical store or they might have a code that you have to fill in ordering a product over the internet.

One of the bigger sites where you can get some cash back while shopping is Extrabux. And in this article we have to go in more detail what Extrabux is all about and if it is that interesting.



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Online Deals for Shoppers

Not directly a new kid on the block but that has probably more to do with me then DealSpotr and that all because I am not the one searching for online shopping deals, vouchers or coupons to save money.


Yes, I do get my emails with deals, and yes I browse the internet and see deals but because I am not shopping I am normally not interested however looking at Dealspotr will it be worthwhile to enter that online deal you spot into their database?

As usual, I am normally sceptical, so always need to read and understand a site before even think about a review, but who is not shopping online and interested in a deal? I guess you all do so after the request to write a review, which you can read later,


I guess we all are interested in getting a discount when you buy something.


Friday the 20th of January 2017 Dealspotr approved this review and I received the gold status earning me an additional $50. Gold status will give additional benefits and for that please read on.


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