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Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie Bring Reviews to Another Level.

Slice the Pie is a great site if you want to make money giving a review on music, mobile or fashion. I already wrote an article on Music Xray to make money online listening to music and with Slice the Pie you can do the same.


You listen for 90 seconds, give your review and you earn money. It is not that you will become filthy rich but your opinion counts and that is what matters.


How does Slice the Pie work?

You will need to sign up and you will see a music, mobile and fashion button and by clicking any of these you will get an option to make money.

 Slice the Pie Music Mobile Fastion


Slice the Pie Music

Once you click the music button you will get a song to listen to and after your review you will earn $0.05, indeed that is not that much but listening to many songs will make you good money.


You will need to listen 90 seconds and let’s assume that you need 30 seconds to fill in a review, which you will do quicker and you move on to the next song, you will make around $0.05 per 2 minutes. 


You can listen to the music at Slice the Pie in your browser but do not move away to another tab because the song will just stop and continue when you get back to the tab.


The review you write must be specific, if it is not specific enough writing about the vocals, percussions, guitar or any other instrument you will need to change it to make it more specific in the area’s just mentioned.


Once you start a review and you earn your first $0.05 then it drops down to $0.01 for the following reviews. Maybe the rate goes up once you add more reviews but giving a review for $0.01 is not really worth it.


You can imagine however, that there are many people giving a review that is not really a review. Not everyone can give a proper review.


Slice the Pie Mobile

The mobile section gives you the chance to review mobile cases and other accessories for the mobile. I gave a review on an iPhone case, but the problem is that you do not have that case in your hand so you only can write about the design and for designers that will be helpful.


The main problem is that a review will earn $0.01 and that is not much. Not very appealing and you really need to write many reviews but that will be a problem because it might be that after 2 or 3 reviews the mobile phone cases are gone and you have to wait for new cases to review.


Slice the Pie Fashion

When you click the Fashion button you will get a question about the shops you go to when you buy cloth for example. It will know the where you live because I see shops that are based in the UK.


There will be more questions like “Do you shop online?” and “Do you shop using the mobile?” which is obvious because more and more people are shopping online and many people will use the mobile to shop, whether that is at home, on the train or in the bus.


You also will get a question on the size you normally buy but when you have 5XL, then you will need to stick with XXL but it is more about the review rather than the size.


Vidsfi - create a video website in minutes

Lucky Dip

Clicking Lucky Dip will bring you a selection of what they have and might bring the luck you need. Give it a try and get a taste of Slice the Pie and the luck they might bring to you.


Invite your friends

If the review writing does not make you enough money then consider asking your friends to join Slice the Pie. You will make a little bit of money on their reviews and you have nothing to do for that.


Would I recommend Slice the Pie?

Yes, I do, it is quick and once you get the understanding how to write the reviews, it will go quickly. The music part is interesting but takes longer because you need to listen at least 90 seconds but when you love music then this is a good opportunity to make some money listening to music.



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I also wrote a review about Music Xray and being a member now at Music Xray for some time I have to say that Music Xray is not bringing what it write, no music, but at Slice the Pie you definitely can make money online but listening to music and review the music you hear, the reviews on mobile phone cases and other accessories next to fashion items.



Do you want to know more about Slice the Pie then sign up or leave a message here or in the forum and I will answer you.

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