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The small business SEO services we have helped our clients who struggled to rank their website in the search engines to get top spot places on the search engine result page.

Many small businesses do not have the time, resources or the knowledge to optimise their website and that is normal, nobody can expect that from a small business owner, they are too busy running their business and rightly so.

Our small business SEO services will solve the time resource and knowledge problem and with our affordable Small Business SEO Package Prices, it is a no-brainer to talk to us.

We are good at what we do for our clients and love you to become one too.

“What good is having a great website if no one can find it?”

And that is so true. The most beautiful website can be an eye-opener but when it is not ranking then you miss out on sales.

Ranking websites for small businesses in the search engines generating organic traffic is just great. It is very satisfying to see a website take the flight up once we start working on it.

The Small Business SEO Services we have on the menu will help your business increasing the relevant website traffic.

These small business SEO services are

Small Business SEO Services Process Flow

The image below gives a clear Small Business SEO Services process flow which we follow to increase the ranking of your small business website in the search engines.

The whole process always starts with an understanding of the topic and the keywords within that topic that are more than relevant to your business. You probably already know the keywords but you might miss out on keywords you forgot or just don’t think about.

small business seo services workflow

Find Target Keywords

Finding the target keywords is fundamental. Without the right keywords, your clients are never going to find you and therefore good quality time needs to be invested in this.

If your website is running for a while and if you have Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster then several keywords are most likely already listed and that will give a clear indication of what we need to look for.

Many keywords you probably already know because they describe your business but we have to make sure that these keywords are not too broad but really need to be spot on.

Check Current Rankings

Using the keywords in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster we make a list of already known keywords and see how well they do in the search engines. The keywords that are describing your business or product will be picked out and used to make your website content better using these particular keywords.

Note: In case there is no Google Search Console or Bing account, then these will be created.

Fix on-site Issues

Any technical issue with your website will be solved. The foundation of your “house” must be perfect for visitors to have a great experience on your website. Some of the issues might be seen by visitors, others they will not see but help search engines to understand your website better.

This Technical SEO process updates the infrastructure of your website that includes the Google Search Console, Bing account but also the sitemap, robot.txt and much more.

Optimise Pages

The keywords that are used to target visitors coming to your website will be used to optimise the pages. This optimisation will be done by a native language speaker/writer and someone who has an understanding of the business.

It was written before that we do not look for the “broad” keywords but will go for the long-tail keywords that describe your business, services and products.

Spam links can be toxic and hurt your ranking in search engines. This service is searching for these toxic links and disavow them with Google.

The Holy Grail of SEO. It is not just building backlinks but quality backlinks from high authoritative sites. These links can be from a wide variety of websites but they all bring “juice” to your site giving it a boost by the search engines because of the trust relation build between you and your link partner.

We know that often companies want to hire us for link building which is great but we always run an SEO audit on the website to make sure that the client’s website is top-notch.

Nobody builds a house on a broken foundation and that is the same with search engine optimisation.

All we focus on before link building starts is the quality of the website. Technically it must be top-notch and content must of high quality.

Local SEO Services

Often is spoken about local SEO and the process written above is also used for Local SEO. There is a difference in that sense that the keywords might have a geographical area and during link building, we look for very local sites.

Many small businesses will look especially at local SEO for the small business SEO services they need.


Websites show more and more videos and that is because videos are engaging. People do not read anymore, I am lucky that you read this because the majority most likely do not and stick to the video shown on this page.

The menu already shows video and it must be clear that we indeed create video through our video marketing services.

Converting Leads

Generating traffic through our small business SEO services is great but without converting the traffic to leads the work is useless therefore we have our lead generation chatbot services to make that conversion happen.

FAQ; Small Business SEO Services

There are always questions to ask about Small Business SEO Services and in particular what we do around that.

Please have a read and if there are any questions not answer then contact us to talk about our Small Business SEO Services.

Is SEO business profitable?

This question can be answered in two ways.
SEO Agent; Although there are more and more agencies in the SEO world, with a good approach and strategy SEO agencies will make money. Here at Keenclick, we focus on small businesses.
Small Business Owner; Paying for SEO services can be expensive but when the return of investment means that you make more money than putting in then SEO for your business is definitely profitable.

Is SEO worth it for Small businesses?

If you own a business website then it is definitely worth starting the search engine optimisation process. The website is your business card and the first approach for many potential clients. The leads and sales that can be generated from free traffic are simply a no-brainer.

Can I do SEO on my Own?

It is certainly possible for any business owner to do their own small business SEO. There are basically 3 steps which are a) infrastructure b) content c) backlinks. Optimise these and your site will rank.

Is SEO worth it in 2021?

Search Engine Optimisation will never leave, the opportunity to get free organic traffic for your small business is definitely there, also in 2021.

What SEO can do for your Business?

Search Engine Optimisation will do 3 things and that is

a) optimise the infrastructure of the website
b) optimise the content
c) increase relevant backlinks and what this does is rank your website in the search engines increasing organic traffic that can be converted to leads and ultimately sales and that makes your business more profitable.

Does SEO require Coding?

Search Engine Optimisation does NOT require coding. It is handy to understand basic HTML coding but it is not a requirement as such.

How much does SEO cost for a Small Business?

The sky is the limit but with a good strategy or better, a smart small business SEO strategy the costs will be affordable. When you go through the leads on then it is clear that many small businesses have a budget of around £250 per month and that equals roughly 10 hours.

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