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Spin the Wheel at Qriket

Qriket a Spin Wheel Game

Not that long ago I came to a site that was more fun than thinking you can make money out of it. Seeing a wheel spinning with 2 colours, blue and yellow.

Select a colour and when your colour is chosen you win. The winnings are not that much but what can you lose?

You cannot run this game on your laptop you need to download it to your mobile and then only iOS or Android.

But before I download the app on any of my mobiles I had a search on Qriket and that shows me that this site is around for a couple of years. This sounds great isn’t it but searching more then it shows that this company went from bad to worse and there are almost no winners anymore.

And when you win it is not that much money, not even beer money. It might have been better a few years ago but reading all the information from people looking for a great way to earn money online the best would be to avoid Qriket.


I do not write that because I think it sucks, just read the privacy page and what they do is then clear.


You will have to sign up and use an email address that you also use for Paypal. Well, I receive more money in Paypal due to my freelance work but they can use the information to sell to advertisers.


You can read the privacy information on their website but it would not surprise me that when you sign up with an email address that you also use for example for Paypal you will end up with a lot of scam email turning up in your inbox.


You might have a filter but reading the privacy page already should warn you not to engage with Qriket.


Is Qriket SCAM?

Reading forums and other websites then it is clear to me that, if they are not a scam at least it is very dodgy. The earnings are not getting paid, just read when people have earned over $50 and then suddenly they do not have access to the site anymore.


On the other hand, if you make some money with Qriket and you reach the payout threshold then get your money out, do not leave it with them. It is your money, so get it out.



You all know when you go to a casino that you will find a roulette table and I believe that the payout at a roulette table is better although winning is another matter.


Mobile Phone

As mentioned, you will need to download the application to your mobile and it might be fun to play this game when you are on the bus or train going to school or work, or going home. Like there is nothing else to do like thinking about better ways to make money.

If you are interested then head over to Qriket but please come back and let us know if you indeed could make these megabucks.



Just read one of the stories at Reddit and the comments on it. After reading that, do you still want to register at Qriket and spin the wheel?


I would not spend any single second on Qriket, it is just not worth it, my advice is to find better ways to earn money because at Qriket it is not even enough to buy a pint here in the UK.


Just look around here at Keenclick and you find opportunities to make money and much quicker than just at Qriket.


You also can contact me to have a chat not just about Qriket because my answer will be short “find a better money making opportunity”.



Leave a comment about Qriket if you have good experience with them but so far I will not go back to the site, not install the software on any of my mobiles.

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