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The Best Way To Earn Swagbucks

Swagbucks, who do not know them, being the biggest most popular money generating machine for you and having paid over $120 million already they are on the rise and wouldn't you be part of that? Earning your money with various opportunities and that all for tasks you already do online, you only might ask yourself what is the best way to earn these Swagbucks and more importantly how fast can I earn them and what does it cost?


Well, it costs you nothing and the quicker you sign up, the faster you can earn these Swagbucks but before you run to the end of this article, I rather have you read it, think about it before you join.


What are the Risks Joining Swagbucks? Are They Legit?

The risk of joining Swagbucks is that you are online all the time, no more time for friends, no more time for kids and that all for earning money or better SBs. And yes they are legit, as mentioned, they have paid out a lot of money already and you can get your share.Swagbucks is no SCAM and making $50 a day is possible but as this also means, no more friends, no more kids, no more family life but we all do that for the money isn't it?

Swagbucks is no SCAM and making $50 a day is possible but as this also means, no more friends, no more kids, no more family life but we all do that for the money isn't it?

At Swagbucks, you earn points so-called SB's and turn these points into vouchers, gift cards or cash into your Paypal account or a Visa pre-paid card to be used on anything you like.

When you join you will not be the only one with over 250,000 members who are learning the best ways to earn Swagbucks every single day and they make more and more and you can be part of that. Making money online for free is a fast way to get that extra cash.

It is not a quick rich scheme though but having fun and earning money for something you like then Swagbucks is one of the best sites for you.


Best Way To Make Money With Swagbucks

There are multiple ways to earn and all have the same in common you earn Swagbucks points that you can redeem in a later stage. There are so many opportunities that there is absolutely something you like to do.


Build a Website and Make $100,000 a Month with a Blog


Swagbucks Offer

Get Cash Back Shopping Online

Everybody needs to shop and doing that online with getting cash back in your mind you will see that it is probably the fastest way to earn Swagbucks. Plenty of shops out there and not the smallest shops but the big retailers who welcome you as a customer and as a bonus, they hand you back cash.


Where Do You Shop Online?

As mentioned large retailers use Swagbucks to pay you back and these retailers are in a wide range of categories. In the list of many categories, you will see many retailers and these are based in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

You have been shopping at these retailers before and you will continue to do so only if you knew that you could get cash back, well here you have the chance to shop online with a big smile on your face.


Accessories ASOS - Forever 21 - EMP - Oasis - eBags
Appliances & Hardware Renovator Store - Sears - Lidl - B & Q - iRobot
Arts & Crafts Smiggle - WagJag - Butlers - Ryman - Bonanza
Automotive Helloworld - Jag - RaceChip - Easirent - Autozone
Baby & Kids Joe Fresh - Lego - Kickers - Kmart
Baby & Kids Clothing Guess - Free Country - Zierstof - Pulp - ThredUp
Beauty & Fragrances Slashsport - Lancome - Babor - Superdrug - HSN
Books & Magazines Kobo - Book Outlet - Ciando - Waterstones - Biblio
Business & Office Vistaprint - NCIX - Blitec - Currys - Quill
Clothing Bonds - La Senza - Titus - Jacamo - Cabela's
Clubs & Memberships Buytopia - Querdenker - Genes Reunited UK - Mizuno
Computers & Apps TopBuy - Quickbooks - Mmoga - Belkin - Newark
Department Stores Factorie - Gap - Neckermann - Argos - Walgreens
Education FiveStar - Buch - Alibris - Udemy
Electronics & Photo SnapFish - GameStop - Kinderlampe - Daz 3D - Shutterfly
Entertainment Kobo - LivingSocial - Watchever - PC World - SeatGeek
Flowers & Gifts Petals - Teleflora - Meventi - Swarovski - Mixbook
Food & Drinks Just Wines - Tea Box - Rewe - BodyChef - Muscle Egg
Games Tuango - Schwab - Kinguin - Jinx
Gift Cards Jollydays - Scribler - MyGiftCardsPlus
Health & Wellness Sportitude - Vega - Vitafy - TimetoSpa - GNC
Home & Garden Amara - Zazzle - Eibmarkt - Homebase - Blair
Hotels Hotelclub - Funjet - Agoda - Bluebay - Orbitz
Internet & Online Norton - TurboTax - Raddiscount - Alamy - Priceline
Jewelry Najo - Ardene - Defshop - Viyella - Jared
Personal Finance Quickbook - Smava - Easy Car - Liberty Tax
Pets Big Al's - Wildborn - Orvis - PetSmart
Shoes Rockport - Sorel - Deichmann - Clarks - Under Armour
Sports & Leisure Rusty - Roxy - Sportida - Saltrock - Athleta
Tickets & Events Ticket Network - Ticketbar - Attractiontix - Tickets for Less
Toys & Hobbies Mattel - Mytoys - Pontins - Toys R Us
Travel & Vacations Skiddoo - FlightHub - Tiscover - Sandals - Samsonite
Weddings - Monsoon - Mikasa


This is just a very small snapshot of the companies that can make you earning cash back. For a complete list please check at Swagbucks there are companies you are shopping at regularly and might even be daily. There is only one catch and that is you need to shop online but is that a real problem? You might even save time by NOT going to a physical store, at least that counts for me, online shopping is the future and leaving cash behind is not what I intend to do do you?

To make the earnings even easier you can install a SwagButton in your browser.


Fastest Way Earn Swagbucks - Surf The Web

earn money watching video

Install the SwagButton in your browser and opportunities are not to be missed. Daily you are already browsing the web, doing your searches, read about something, look something up for school or work and now you basically do the same but you can earn SBs.

Just imagine you are surfing at work for your boss and you get even more than what your boss is paying you at the end of the month. You just do your thing and messages will pop up as soon as an opportunity is there.

Do a survey watch a movie it can be anything and that only by surfing the web making you even more money.



Earn Money Watching Videos With Swagbucks

Watching a video online or on your smartphone is what many people do today. At YouTube millions and millions of hours are spent watching videos but what if you can make money out of that?

Video on any subject you see in the table below and once watched SB points are added to your wallet to redeem in a later stage for cash or a voucher you choose.



Have fun watching a single movie or multiple movies and at the end of the movie you will see that the balance of your wallet has been increased, that is one of the easiest ways to make some hard points. 

In the table below you see a list of the subjects and the title of some of the movies that you can watch online.


Careers Salary Info - Business Meetings- Job Interviews Tips - Networking Tips
Entertainment Christopher Nolan Movies - Best 21st Century Movies - Celebrity Fun Facts - Christina Applegate In Focus
Fashion Vintage Clothing- Choose Your Outfit - Wardrobe Tips - Lingerie Hot Topics
Fitness Through Sensual Dance - How To Do Pilates - Fighting Fit - Pole Dancing For Fitness
Health Deal With Depression - Plastic Surgery Woes - Vaccines Save Lives - Smoking Info
Hobbies Do You Like To Ride Your Bicycle? - Get Contorted - Learn To Kayak - Get Your Bling
Home & Garden Table Manners - Paintings On Your Wall - Bathrooms Get Weird - Lawn Stories
Music Concert News - Music News - J Biebz Is In The News - T Swiftly Does It
News & Politics Trash News - Funny Mugshots - Can Get Arrested - Global Warming Real?
Parenting Twins Are Creepy- -Babies, Babies, Babies- -Parenting & Careers- -Pregnancy Tales
Personal Finance Bankruptcy Pain - Diamonds Are Forever - Taxes Are Taxing - Gold Facts
Pets & Animals Crab, Crab, Crab - Smart Dolphins - Cute Animals - Feeling Horse
Shopping Delivery For... John - Are Food Labels True? - Stuff In Supermarkets - About Black Friday
Sports Football In Focus - Olympic News - Soccer Hype - Tennis Curios
Technology Netflix And Chill - IPhones For All - Take To The Skies - In Outer Space
Travel Canadian Attractions - Visit Europe - Top 10 Travel Attractions - Explore More
Wedding Wedding Dresses - Luxury Weddings - Wedding Cake Fun - Honeymoon Blunders


All of these topics have multiple videos to watch earning you SB points and next to that you will have the "Editor Picks Movies" and movies from sponsors.


Playing Games Earns You SBs

With over 140 free gift cards from big companies to choose from play online games and start earning SBs for these free gift cards.

SBs are credited with every in-game purchased and your SB wallet is increasing immediately and it is even more interesting that it really does not matter if you win or lose the game at the end you are all winners.


Always a Winner

An average time of 10 to 20 minutes 75 SBs are easily earned which is the average pay for a survey. If you are disqualified because you are not the target audience for the SB you still earn 1 SB. Having no right or wrong answers you will be watched flying through a survey or giving answers that really make no sense might mean you get penalised and that can result in disconnection you from Swagbucks.


Discover The Best Deals with Swagbucks

So many offers and deals can be found all over the internet and these are paying SBs. Once a deal is discovered the SwagButton will pop-up giving you the opportunity to earn SB points.

Companies have coupons and the SwagButton will find them and that is a real benefit the Swag Code Alert will show a Swag Code which you need to fill in once you are logged in again at Swagbucks. 

Exclusive Swag Codes must be redeemed on the SwagButton therefore, install the browser extension plugin and you will receive real-time alerts while you browse on the internet.


swagbucksgiftcardSwagbucks Special Offers

Swagbucks is a big site like I already wrote in my review on Swagbucks which you can see elsewhere here at Keenclick. But big sites also come with offers and in this case I talk about Swagbucks Special Offers.


Don’t we all love offers? You earn quickly an amount of money and Swagbucks is just like many other sites no stranger in this.


Just for signing up you will earn £3 although the small print writes


To qualify for the £3 signup bonus, you must earn 2,500 SB within the first 60 days of membership. The bonus will be awarded within 1 day after you qualify.


Is it easy to get to 2,500 SB, well in 60 days you should be able to do that, obvious it will go quicker when you have referrals but that is also explained in my Swagbucks article here at Keenclick.


You Favourite Online Store

Don’t you have a favourite online store? A store you buy everything you need? Wouldn’t it be great to get free store cards for just that store?


The Swagbucks Special Offers just will do that, the offer they have on the table is to earn SBs and redeem them in gift cards so you can use the SBs, turn them into money and get discounts when ordering something online in your favourite store.


  • Do you have an iPhone or iPad and listen to music, why not redeem the SBs buying music from iTunes?
  • Do love eBay? Just get an eBay gift card and get your discount buying at eBay.
  • Do you use Paypal? Why not get a Paypal Gift Card and use that when you buy products online.


This is just a fraction of the gift cards you can get and it will be rather boring to write them all down. Best would be to check out yourself if your favourite store is available and get your gift card.


How Easy is the Daily Poll?

Check out the daily poll. Just one question with two answers and there is no wrong answer.

  • Question: Which destination do you prefer to vacation, beach or mountains?
  • Answer: Beach or Mountain and you earn 1 SB.


Offering The Best Deals For You

Every day the big brands have something on offer be sure you log in on every day to take the benefit of making the extra SB. And that is not it more deals are there to be discovered on "Content Discovery", "Sign Ups", "Free Offers", "Shopping", "Donate to Charity" and "Mobile Apps".

The sponsored offers are really worth the value, these are the hot deals for you

  • Trialpay offers; Ladbrokes, William Hill, Argos, Play Island Experiment on Facebook (free) and much much more.
  • RadiumOne; Bora Bora (free registration earning you SBs), Free Price Compare earning you SBs indeed for free
  • PaymentWall; Play the classic game Pong and get SBs in your wallet or catch as many apples as you can.

These were just a few of the offers to be found you also can check out AdGate Media - Peanut Labs - Revenue Universe - SuperRewards - SuperSonic - Fyber all offering multiple offers earning you SBs



There is nothing else to say than Swagbucks has it all. If you are serious about making money online then Swagbucks must be on your list and the SwagButton in your browser. Daily you will increase your wallet and that counts and when you see the payment coming through then you only can say Amazing Swagbucks.

I would rank Swagbucks at


8 out of 10



I do not give 10 out of 10 because there should always be some room for improvements, I have not seen anything that I would have improved at Swagbucks because to me they are excellent. I can only recommend joining Swagbucks right now not to miss any golden opportunity.


join now


Alternative Ways Earning Money Online

 If you are, however, looking for alternatives ways to earn money online why don't you write about Swagbucks in a Blog, it does not need to be a blog but you also can set-up your own website selling your own "stuff", no more commission to pay, keep it all yourself. Why don't you give it a try for free?

Start with building a website in 30 seconds and follow the training just to get started, and yes this training is for free.



I would love to hear from you and discuss the opportunities at Swagbucks or maybe you have a bad experience then I also would like to know. Leave your comment below and I will absolutely reply to you.



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  • It is very important topic. I want to know about how can we earn Swag bucks fast and i also about how can we earn by watching video. So now i read your content for more info about it. I also got knowledge about health health, Fashion, fitness, entertainment etc. I think it excellent blog.

  • When you watch videos at Swagbucks you will earn SBs. For example, when you watch news headlines you can earn 2 SBs and these news headlines are from different countries like India, UK, Ireland and more. You just watch them and you make SBs, it is just that simple. Secondly, you can add friends, you will earn from them because you refer them to Swagbucks. Sign up following the link by clicking Swagbucks.

    Comment last edited on about 1 year ago by Fedor Alphenaar
  • How does Swagbucks work? Is it an affiliate type scheme or does it pay you a percentage of your spend back? Would love to cash in as I shop at ASOS all the time!

  • You can indeed get cash back when you shop online. It depends on which shop you go for your shopping and when you add your friends to Swagbucks, you can earn from their joining too.

    You will earn 10% of what your friends earn. If your friends earn 1000 SBs then you will earn 100SBs, that is not that bad isn't it?
    Do I recommend Swagbucks, well if you want to earn some cash back then definitely it is worth a try a to register at Swagbucks

    Comment last edited on about 1 year ago by Fedor Alphenaar
  • Nice post

  • Thank you.

  • This blog gives us information to earn money while sitting in your home. In the present days there are many persons use of to know about laptops and the other things on which they online work. This gave us a great financial benefit from which we can full fill our needs.

  • Indeed you can go to Swagbucks to earn money and you can indeed do that from your own living room while watching TV. Using a laptop or Chromebook like I do. I have been to your website and can tell you that I write my own text, maybe slower than hiring a consultant maybe less SEO rich, then so be it... However hiring professional students writing text or essays might indeed be the option for people who just do not have the time.

  • Hey there! I realise this is sort of off-topic but I had too ask.

    Does operating a well-established blog like yours require a lot of work?

    I am brand new to blogging however I do write in my journal everyday. I'd like to start a blog so I will be able to share my personal experience and feelings online. Please let me knopw if you have any recommendations or tips for brand new aspiring bloggers.Thankyou!

    Comment last edited on about 1 year ago by Fedor Alphenaar
  • I have indeed this site for some time but only after becoming a member at Wealthy Affiliate I learned how to setup my site in a good way. And this site is not there yet, it is a lot of work because you need to understand (research) what you want to write about.

    Check out Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 weeks for free but there is so much content videos and other people that can help you in becoming a successful blogger.

    Comment last edited on about 1 year ago by Fedor Alphenaar