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Pay to click sites are the easiest sites to make some money. It will not go very fast because payments are only $0.001 per click but when you follow a strategy then you can make some nice income. You will find a lot of sites that are nothing but scammers but on the other hand there are also decent sites that pay on a weekly basis the money you have clicked together in your paypal account.

The best way is to get referals because you will make money on the basis that they will click advertisements. So make sure that you have a lot of referals and where else than for example Facebook to find referals. At some sites you can rent or buy referrals where renting is a better option. When the referral stops coming back to the PTC then you want to give that referral back isn't it?


At Neobux you have to click on advertisements and that will earn you about $0.001 per click. That is not that much but once you have referals and you can upgrade to a Golden account it will go much quicker and then you can make $200 a month or more. Keenclick will review Neobux and show the pros and cons on this site. If you do not want to wait for that then check Neobux out yourself and let us know your findings.


At FamilyClix you also need to click advertisements which they call, like many other sites CLIX.



It is not that you will make quick money here because with clix worth about $0.0001 or $0.0002 you can imagine that you have to click a lot before you even come to $1. The point is that you need referrals. Once they click you make money.


When you look at you will see that you can earn money by clicking ADS and even double your money.. HEAD or TAIL.. well if you like to gamble then this is a quickie to increase your fortune. The Instant Grid will show you a nice picture and if you click on the right spot then you might win $0.1 which goes directly in your balance. You will see a sponsors website that you need to view for 10 seconds. Easy online money isn't it? And after the 10 seconds it will let you know if you are the winner. Just by clicking, sit in your chair, wait 10 seconds you earned money. Soon we will have a review on InstantPaidClix.


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