AC Installation Services

Lead Generation for your AC Installation Services

Lead Generation for your AC Installation Services

This page shows our video and also Chatbot that brings engagement to your website visitors and above all will increase the number of leads for your AC Installation Services.

Obviously, all can be changed to your wishes which will come forward when the scripts for both the video and chatbot are created.

Many businesses like yours are struggling to get more leads and without leads, you will not get clients and that is not good for your business. Search Engine Optimisation is a good way to generate relevant traffic but to get that traffic contacting you is another thing and much more difficult.

AC Installation Video

The whole process of creating a video can be pretty expensive and for a small business, it is just way out of budget. However, our services are much more affordable. The video script is the most important part as that is the description of what you would like to see and bring the message to your audience.

AC Installation Chatbot

The chatbot with 3D Avatar can be a chatbot with your video delivering your elevator speech. The length of that video should not extend more than 30 seconds however if you wish it to be 3 minutes then this is possible but too much talking is not what many people like 🙂

It is about the message and visitors will use the chat flow to contact you and leave their phone numbers and email address.

The chatbot is multi-lingual meaning that visitors can type in their own language which is translated into your favorite language.

A live chat with the visitor is also possible for you or your employees.

Talk to us for the options.

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Lead Generation for your AC Installation Services

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you generate leads for your AC Installation Services.

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