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Vindale Research

Vindale Research - SCAM or Legit?

You came to Keenclick because of my Vindale Research Review. You want to know if Vindale Research is SCAM or Legit. Well, in this review I will tell you the answer, and if you want to know already then jump all my text and go straight to the conclusion.


This also counts on products, you can test out products and tell what you think, you might have checked several compatible products and want others to benefit from it too. But how about the vendors and the manufacturers?


Can they benefit too in order to make their product better? Yes and here Vindale Research comes into play and the most interesting part is that you get paid for your opinion, your verdict on a product and you do this filling in a survey.


Vindale Research Since 2005

vindale logo500x94

Over the years Vindale Research has paid over $5 million to their members. These members are based in the US, UK, Canada and Australia and have helped large brands like Amazon and Netflix making their products better by filling in online surveys at Vindale. These same brands pay you for your opinion and there are multiple ways to make money.


Ways to Make Money with Vindale

It is not just filling in surveys that make you earning money online there are multiple ways to get cash. Indeed cash no points or anything else. The earned money will arrive in your Paypal account and it does not matter which option you choose to make money, you can choose any of them if you like. The more you do the more you earn, it is just that simple. You can make money by
  • filling in a short and long surveys
  • checking out the amazing daily deals
  • making your friends part of the program
  • sending in photo's
  • reading email
  • uploading videos


Parttime survey



Making Surveys Online

Almost daily you will see emails arriving in your mailbox and that is not just for 1 survey, no there can be 10 surveys or even more and the number of emails is increasing.

Companies have seen that online research is so interesting because in a very short timeframe they can reach out to so many people that a "standard" survey cannot compete with.

This helps the companies to benefit faster from your opinion making their product or services better and that will increase their customer base and their profit and part of their profit is yours.

There are many topics surveys can be based on but looking at the table below pretty sure there is something that you are interested.



Automotive Beauty/Cosmetics Beverages Education
Electronics Entertainment/Movies/TV Fashion Food
Gambling Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals Home Improvement Technology
Pets Politics Publishing/Newspapers/Books Restaurants
Sports Toys Travel Video games



How Much do I Get Paid for a Survey?

We all want to make as much money as possible and making a survey paying $25 would be great especially if you can do that in 10 minutes time unfortunately that is not what they pay. You might see the $25 survey but do not expect to finish it within 10 minutes it will take much longer.

Better is to think in earnings from $0.25 to $5.00 per survey which is reasonable if the survey does not take longer than 30 minutes. If you expected to get rich by making surveys online than I have to disappoint you, a quick rich scheme is not really valid for surveys but see this more as fun and helping companies and your own wallet.



Survey ID Description Time to complete Payment
31871 Healthcare / Pharmaceutical survey 55 minutes $25.00
493 Beverage preferences survey 35 minutes $5.60
961 Cable TV and cell phone usage survey 18 minutes $1.35


Paid Survey Secrets

Am I Qualified to do Any of the Vindale Research Surveys?

You are qualified when your profiles fit the survey requirements. It is obvious that if there is a survey targeted for women aged 50 to 60 a man who is 30 will not be qualified and therefore will not be able to fill in that survey but do not worry there are so many surveys that you will qualify for many of the surveys and make your money. On the personal front, you need to be at least 18 and living in Australia, Brazil, Great Britain or the USA.

Next to surveys there are very interesting daily deals to be made.


Daily Deals

The daily deals as you can expect are amazing challenges that just pay you cash. Find the Reward Code on Twitter Facebook Instagram or the Blog. To redeem you simply logon, find the bonus opportunities and fill in the code, just as simple is that.

Want to make more money then check out

  • Caption Contests For Cash
  • Daily Question Contests
  • Make Money At Home
  • Market Research Tips
  • Online Opinion Polls
  • Paid Online Surveys
  • Contest Winners of the Past
  • Vindale Member Reviews


get paid online surveys



Referral Program

Another good way of making money is to get referrals. How many friends do you have on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus? Send them your referral link, let them sign up and once they have made the first earnings of $25 you will get $5. There are some limitations in the sense only 1 person per household or make use of the same computer but with social media and the number of friends you have you can make the $5 very quickly and with more referrals to sign up you even make much more.

How many social media friends do you have? 500 or 1000, just imagine that 10% of your friends sign up:


10% out of 100 = 10 Signed Up Friends  $5 $50
10% out of 500 = 50 Signed Up Friends $5 $250
10% out of 1000 = 100 Signed Up Friends $5 $500


Making an extra $500 if you have 100 people to sign up, that is not bad but it just does not stop here by the referral program or the surveys. There are others ways to make money online. For example, you can send in a photo for a few extra bucks.



Do not send in your wedding photo, although your wedding photo might be the best on earth it will not pay you anything extra at Vindale Research instead of sending any photo you have to send in a photo showing that you have been paid by Vindale Research. The photo must show you, say cheese, and on the same a picture of the Vindal Research payment.

The requirements of the photo are simple

  • it must be you in the picture
  • it must show the Vindale Research payment
  • Make sure that the picture measures 400x400 pixels
  • A blurry photo is outside of the requirements, therefore, make sure it is sharp and not dark
  • You can only send 1 photo per payment with a maximum of 3 photos.

To maximise the winning check out the gallery and see the pictures of others, just be better, learn from it.


Emails that are Rewarding you

Do you like to read and receive an email then this is your opportunity? Reading email and you get paid, how easy is that.  You will need to sign up for that but that is straightforward and then you have a few options.

  • Surveys - Be notified earning cash filling in online surveys which will only take you about 10 minutes max to complete.
  • Evaluations - The big buck reviewing and evaluating customer products or services and this can make you up to $75 for any opportunity.
  • Reward Mail - Read the email advertisers send you, click the link to get the payment of $0.10 and on top of that the same email includes the so called Member Perks having marvellous opportunities to offer you.
  • Opinion Polls - Live in the democratic world of today, receive opinions, share it and you make $0.25.

If this is not enough then check out their site more opportunities are out there you only need to find them.



Short videos are played online and watching these advertisements just makes you earning money, sit back get yourself something to drink and relax. Watch and earn.


My Vindale Reseach Conclusion

In simple words, Vindale Research is no SCAM. They are very much legit so I would recommend you to join them. Obvious there are always people that complain but that is human nature isn't it?



Vindale Research is NO SCAM



SCAM - Are There No Complaints?

There are several complaints written in forums and these are only a few that you see, one of the biggest complaints is that when doing a survey at the end of the survey suddenly you do not qualify and that is no fun, filling in a survey and not getting paid for it, but of all these millions of people filling in a survey the complaints are just a few.


LEGIT - Recommendation - Verdict

Yes, there are some complaints but there will always be people complaining about everything and then what is that so much of a big deal? Vindale Research has paid over $5,000,000 and proof of payments can be found on their website. If you are serious in making some extra cash Vindale Research definitely should be one of the Online Survey Website on your list and therefore it is recommended. There are basically two reasons not to choose for them and that is when you live in a country they do not serve and getting the multiple dollar surveys but other than that it is recommended to join them.



There are more Online Survey websites out there but Vindale Research really has a lot and therefore I rank Vindal Research:


8 out of 10  


To make a good start at Vindale Research they start paying you $2 for just signing up. There are not many Survey Research companies doing that if that is not a welcome bonus what is.


==> Join Vindale Research now and claim your $2 here <==


Alternative Ways of Making Money Online

It is very well possible that doing surveys is not your thing or the money generating is just not going that fast. It is more in the pennies rather than the $, although you will earn decent money with referrals but even then there are better ways. 

Not necessarily easier, because other ways might mean work, and I mean a lot of work.

I have only one word for you in mind and that is passion. Before you click and follow a passion I want you to think about your passion. What is your passion? Think about it, then follow the link or get in touch with me on your passion and how that helps to generate money online for you.









I would love you to comment on Vindale Research or here or in the forum topic "How to Make Money Filling in Surveys" I leave that up to you.




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