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Vritual Bee Work from Home Review

Virtual Bee data entry help, solid for earning money online, however, the money is not too much. Logging on to the Virtual Bee worker portal it will show you that you will not get rich as a matter of fact you will not even get a decent income, just a snack for the vacation but if you like to help with data entry and getting paid for it then why not?


Virtual Bee offers data entry jobs working from home and all that by accessing the worker portal.  Earning up to $0.70 for 1000 keystrokes will not make you rich overnight but you will make money online helping with data entry at Virtual Bee. You can sign up at Virtual Bee for free but you need to do that at the Worker Portal Virtual Bee


Why would you join Virtual Bee?

You will join because Virtual Bee offers you the ability to earn money by completing online tasks from your own home. You decide when you do the tasks because you work from home. You have your own device, sit in your own chair and there is a community out there that is doing the same as you. Yes, there is competition but at the same time, you work with 100,000 others for Virtual Bee.


It is a supplement to your income, there is no commitment, you just do the tasks and get paid. Earning about $0.15 to $0.70 per 1000 keystrokes you might say that payment is not that good but everyone can type so you will earn a few dollars and these dollars will be paid on a monthly basis.


You will need $30 before you get paid and if that is not this month then it will be next month or whenever you reach the $30. This payment is done adequate therefore you do not need to worry about it. It is more that you will need the $30 before payments are done into your bank or if you prefer a cheque you can opt for a cheque.


The money is low therefore this cannot be a replacement for a full-time job, just a few extra dollar for your vacation or the extra pizza on Friday.


The Virtual Bee working portal can be found here and yes Virtual Bee is a legit site, for sure no scam but as mentioned payment is low and not a replacement for your normal work or better to say you do need other jobs to pay your mortgage and live your life.

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