Website Development


Part of our service is web design and development. Although we have developed in a wide range of environments we now finally set with WordPress and the Astra Theme.

With this we can build any site that you want and are here to do that. Whether you want a blog site or an eCommerce site, we build it to your satisfaction.

The reason to stick with only one theme and indeed there are many out there is because our knowledge is with the Astra theme next to that it is just the fastest theme out there.

Your customers expect a fast website and using the Astra theme is known for its speed.

What we need to know are your requirements for your website and the best is to contact us so we can discuss these requirements and quote accordingly.

You might already have read that we host at Kualo in the UK but this does not mean that we expect you to host at our hosting provider as well.

It is your own choice where you want your website to reside.

We do need to have access to the server though for the setup and configuration unless you have your own server administrator then we are happy to be in contact to make sure that the server is configured in the best way.

Just think about caching but also, we would like to know if you are already using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up the content delivery to your visitors.

Many questions from us that all will be solved in time before your website is going live.

Our process

  • Discuss the requirements
  • Quote
  • Contract
  • Design / Wireframe
  • Development
  • Content
  • Media
  • SEO
  • Hand Over

This is in steps the process we follow. It might be that you have your own SEO provider which is fine but before going live the onsite SEO should be done and that is our work.

To take the first steps, please contact us and we have or discussion.