Is a Health Check Needed?

We always perform a SEO Health Check on your website therefore contact us now for a free website audit before we change our minds. You might ask why we give this Health Check away for free because analysing a website takes time and time is money isn't it? However, we believe that you do need to know the status of your website before you start paying anything. We are confident that you love our services starting with the analysing of your website resulting in a free report.


The Technical Part

A website audit contains two parts which is the site structure and content.  The site structure shows the technical aspects of your website which we call Technical SEO. If the technical structure of your website is not top nodge your competitor can beat you on that and just gain on you or overrank you in the search engines.

 seo health check website audit

The Content Part

The content of your website must be analysed and updated if it shows errors. The content MUST be of high quality although you are respnsible for the wording itself. Do not give that away, it is your website and not someone else's. We do show where Google does not like the content which might be that you use too many keywords in the content or the header does not contain the keyword you want visitors to find you.


The Website SEO Audit Steps


The website audit gives a good overview of the state of your website and once that is known a plan can be created to improve it starting with the technical part as that is the foundation of your website followed by the content.

It is just like building a house, first you look at the foundation, then the structure and finally you will add or update the content. 


Quality of the content

The tool that we use looks for keywords, the density of the keywords and much more to make sure that content gives a certain value however you are responsible for the quality of the content. What we do is giving the guidelines and once you have written the content check if it follows the guidelines. You really do not want to be penalised by the search engines. Do not forget that the search engines want quality for their visitors.


Better quality content on your website will rank you higher, it is just that simple.



We like to be transparent and where some companies might not reveal the tool they are using, we do not have a problem with that, we use SEO Powersuite because that is affordable and gives us all the information we need. There are other tools in the cloud that you might think of and that is great but at the end they all should show the same result after running an website audit.


Website Audit Performance

Part of the website audit is the performance measuring where we use GT Metrix because this is for free. You can run this yourself if you wish, you only need to go to


Your Next Steps

Your next steps are to think in a strategy for your website that translates to a plan which then can be executed. We have project managers onboard doing exactly that, we do not just shoot in the dark and hope that something we do will work, no, together we create the strategy, we create the plan and we execute it, reporting along the way. We are confident that you will become a happy customer there is only one thing you need to do and that is contacting us so we can start with the free audit of your website.