Here at Keenclick we offer a Free Website SEO Audit service that consists of two parts, the technical search engine optimisation but also we look at the content. Optimisation of the content is important for the simple fact that content must be of high quality but also must be natural without keyword stuffing and other blackhat method that might devaluate your website.


Technical SEO

We have a dedicated page on Technical SEO but in short, we will check all the technical elements that are important for your website.


In the following list you see what we understand under technical search engine optimisation.

  • speed, your website needs to be visibile within 2 seconds
  • optimise the visual like images
  • remove as many redirects as possible
  • optimise caching by changes in the htaccess or nginx configuration file
  • make your website mobile friendly
  • understand and optimise the site infrastructure
  • make the communication with your website secure (HTTPS)
  • add breadcrumbs making navigation easier
  • friendly URL implementation
  • internal linking
  • optimise robot.txt
  • creation of sitemap.xml


seo health check website audit


Content is King

The quality of the content is an important factor to keep visitors engaged and we will help you to achieve that goal of entertaining content.

Next to that, we will check the content that it is following the search engines guidelines because you do not want to be penalised and lose ranking.

Quality content is content that you have researched, not just a story of a few hundred words, but though off and showing that you are an expert in your field and with that quality content and search engine optimisation techniques that page can reach high in the search engines.

The content does not need to be text, it can be an amazing video about your services, or a podcast telling your story to the world. Nobody is interested in a blah blah story therefore make it yours, do your research and that way make it stand out.

Our job is to see content is overcooked and might harm your site and what you can do to avoid that your site is penalised by the search engines.


Page Audit

Reading blogs and articles on the internet it really comes to mind that an audit for each page might be a little too much especially when there are there are thousands and thousands of pages. It will become very costly indeed therefore we focus our page audit on the pages that are most important to your business.


Local Audit

The local audit is a combination of page audit and the backlinks but focusing on websites in your community. Talking to you will give us the understanding who you are targeting to become your customers and once we know that we can direct all the efforts to the audience you are focusing on. This way we save you money and time sending you only local people who are really interested in your products.


Backlink Audit

Part of the auditing of your website is checking the backlinks to your website. All SEO Agents will tell you that backlinks are a major ranking factor and researching them for your site is important.

Social Media

A big part of the service is to check on the usage of social media. There are still companies out there having a website without a Facebook or Instagram page. The competition is doing that and they get customers alternative channels to communicate with prospects.

Although not part of the auditor the backlink audit can be found under SEO SpyGlassseo spyglass and that is what we will use to find websites that potentially can be a threat to your website because you do want to avoid any possibility that a search engine penalises your website.