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Being an SEO Freelancer means that I have clients all over the world like the UK, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy and they have all one thing in common and that is that I do a website review at least for myself so I understand what the client is all about.

In some cases my clients only want linkbuilding and for this I do not need to run a website technical audit however for clients who are looking for the full spectrum of search engine optimisation I not only check the technical part of the website but also perform a SEO Content Audit to see where the content is lacking and can be approved or better MUST be approved in order to beat competitors in the search engines..

The website audit itsle fis done using probably the best SEO Audit Tool that you can download and use for FREE although I do have a paid version giving me more functionality like comparing multiple competitors of my clients and report on that.

But let me go in a little bit more detail what I will be doing during an SEO Audit of your website.

Analysing the Site Structure

An important but often overlooked ranking factor is the technical search engine optimisation process. This is a website technical audit and basically I am looking at the structure of the website itself.

When you look at your website from Googles point of view or basically from any search engine than their clients are the searchers and they want fast and optimised websites.

The main problem is for business owners like you that you have absolutely no clue what the technical aspects are of your website. Most likely the website has been built by a 3rd party or you have been using one of the free website builders but is your website really optimised?

The structure is not just look at a bottom down and see that you have a nice layout with menu items on the top and submenu's and finally pages.

It goes much deeper than that. Yes the menu structure is important to understand but also how all pages are linked that includes the "authority" of each page.

It is not just the XML-Sitemap and the Google Analytics or robots.txt but also the optimisation of all the images, not just the images on the home page.

Call me now and I run the website technical audit and we can discuss the results.

  • Page Availability - Checked are the page code because we do not want to see any errors like 404s, but also if there are any broken resources or pages that are not indexed
  • Mobile Friendly - More and more people use the mobile to search on the internet and for this your website need to be mobile friendly.
  • Encoding and Technical Factors - The audit will check if there is a mixture between http and https, your site might be https however there can be internal links (images) or external links where a connection to http is setup, we check on multiple canonical URLs and also if there is any conflict charset usage between the webpage and the one you intend to use.
  • URL - It is best avoidable to use dynamic URLs but also the length of the URLs has its limit.
  • Links - The number of broken links, number of links per page and if there are "dofollow" links on the page.

Analysing the Content

The quality of the content is an important factor to keep visitors engaged and I will help you to achieve that goal.

I will execute a content audit using WebSite Auditor to make sure that your content is following the search engines guidelines because you do not want to be penalised and lose ranking.

Quality content is content that you have researched, not just a story of a few hundred words.

Show that you are the expert in your field and with that comes quality content and with the right SEO techniques your site and your pages will rank very well in the search engines.

  • Title - The keyword must be in the title but the length of the title should not go over the limit next to multipe title tags which are all "bad" for ranking or better "good" for penalisation.
  • Meta Tags - Keywords should be in the meta tag description where the meta description length should not exceed the limit.
  • Body - There should not be too many keywords in the body to avoid keyword stuffing but also not too less to avoid the robots to understand what the page is all about, the number of words in the body are for great debate but quality is more important than quantity however a 2000 word article of high quality will do remarkable well in the search engines, the usage of header 1, header 2 including keywords where some keywords in the body can be in bold or italic helping the robots to understand the content and the topic of the page.
  • Images - All images should have an ALT tag describing what the image is about and that ALT tag can include keywords but be aware of keyword stuffing.
  • Markup - Structure Data Markup helps the search engines to better understand the structure of the data next to that Social Media is important, you want to be sure that visitors can share your content on social media and you do that with a proper setup of Open Graph.

Local Audit

The local audit is a combination of page content audit and the backlinks but focusing on websites in your community.

Talking to you will give me the understanding who you are targeting to become your customers and once we know that we can direct all the efforts to the audience you are focusing on.

This way we save you time and money by sending you only local people who are really interested in your products and/or services.

SEO Health Check

Checking the health of your website should be done regularly and not just once.

I will run a regular techical audit and content audit health check on your website which can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or any schedule you would like. 

To run and discuss the report only will cost a fiver and if issues are found we can discuss how to solve them.

You can download the FREE Edition of SEO PowerSuite that includes WebSite Auditor and run the SEO Health Check yourself, saving you a fiver and once you have the report contact me so we can discuss any issues found and what you and I can do about it.

New Sky Thai Massage

WordPress Migration & Local SEO
New website in WordPress followed by SEO including keyword research, content creation, competitor analysis, a montly website audit, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Bing Webmaster.

Local search engine optimisation focusing on Southampton including citation and adding to local business directories.

Social Media setup; New Sky on Facebook


Optimisation; and before that (same owner)

It was a little bit tricky because after optimising the very large images were a little bit blurry and that was because the client was using a high resolution 4K monitor and I was using HD resolution.

Decided was to keep bigger images and take it as a consequence that it would slow down the initial load of the website.

Umbraco Upgrade & SEO

It started with migrating Umbraco to the latest version a few years ago, since then several small projects.

iOS HTML Signature File
hreflang implementation
updating images
speed optimisation
SEO including a monthly keyword tracking reporting
Google and Bing analytics progress report

WebSite Audit & Keyword Research

I created a FREE WebSite Audit report for B&20 British School and researched keywords for a school teaching English from London.

PrestaShop migration & Technical SEO

PrestaShop migration
Migrated Klaregade14 eCommerce website from PrestaShop on Windows 2003 to Prestashop on Linux.

Added and updated PrestaShop modules, documented the entire upgrade and changes.

Technical SEO
Performed Technical SEO after the WebSite Audit.

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