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Digital Marketing

What is an Internet Marketing Strategy?

The internet is full of “magic” phrases and Internet Marketing Strategy is just one of them but just a very important phrase if you want to make money online.


Who Does Not Want to Make Money Online?


A marketing strategy is something you start to increase your revenue or give attention to your product or your business. Just like businesses in the “real” world, in the virtual world if you have a presence of your business than an internet marketing strategy is something you should have.


It is logical, you got so many more opportunities to make money online and with the internet becoming faster and more technologies become available your business needs you to start focussing on generating revenue and have an Internet Marketing Strategy.


If you not have this marketing strategy then start one as part of your “making money online” strategy, your competitor will have a strategy and the result is that your competitor makes the money and you don’t.


Your business does need an internet marketing strategy when you want to increase revenue or make your brand aware by the wider audience.


This goal of your marketing strategy should be written down, what do you want to achieve with your marketing.


There are so many ways to market your product that you might need to chose which way to go due to budget limitations but even then, it is part of the strategy.


Your strategy can be in phases, you might not have the funds for a large campaign but focussing on quick-win or long term can be an element to think about.


An internet marketing strategy comes with a plan and that plan fits your business and therefor it is never easy to search for the best internet marketing strategies but what would work for you might not work for another business.


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Best Internet Marketing Strategies

A so-called Best Internet Marketing Strategy does not exist, every business is unique because you have your own business and goals and that so-called “best strategy” all depends on the marketing tactics you are going to use.

It might be your best internet marketing strategy but as it is yours it does not mean for all.


Developing such an internet marketing strategy is not an easy task, many different items will come forward during a brainstorm where you will put the question on the table “how to market my brand, product or service”.


What is the Best way to Achieve the Goal you set for that Strategy?


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Business Internet Marketing Strategies

There are so many different businesses and each business is unique in its own right but at the same time there might be a lot of competition having the same marketing goal and you want to stand out from the “crowd” because it is your business and you want value for money or in other words a Return of Investment.


I have seen many requests where businesses asking to double, triple or quadruple the Return on their Investment from only Adwords, well that is certainly possible as long as you have the right strategy.


Making money online is easy, you can do website and app testing and but that is not a marketing strategy, however when people are searching for website testers and you advertise with your skills then suddenly your advertisement is part of your strategy to get more clients whose website you are going to test.


You might have a home based business working as a freelancer helping small businesses in your city in their online presence then you need a local internet marketing strategy. A flower shop around the corner will not sell flowers to someone in another country so your strategy will be based on local search engine optimisation and local advertisements.


Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Once you have written down the strategy, you will need to start planning.Just make a text document or spreadsheet with the plan itself, the timeline, deadlines, milestone, yes your plan becomes a project.


Larger companies will write a business case for each strategy, this business case should show the expected return of investment and that is what you can do to, no matter how large or small your company is. The reason smaller companies don’t do that is because there is a lot of overhead writing down all these documents and plan accordingly.


Coming back to the plan, you can search the internet and you will see a top list of strategies


Top Priority of Your Internet Marketing Strategie

You can make a list of 10 different marketing strategies or maybe even 20 and then filter to 10. From these 10 you make a priority list so you can focus or outsource.

Market Research

  • Invest time to research the market so you understand what the best way is to market your product or service.
  • Do you have competitors and how are they marketing?
  • Do you want to do something similar or stand out from the crowd and if so, what costs are coming with that “uniqueness”?


If you do not have a website, then build one. There are plenty of freelancers, companies that can do that for you. And the cost of a website does not need to be the end of your budget. Contact Mavenace in the UK for website services.


Keyword Research
Do a research on the best keywords to use for your marketing. What is the trend for your product or service? This is what I do through my other business Mavenace and do that as a freelancer for clients all around the world. A source for freelancers is or where I also get my clients.


My favourite keyword tool is Jaaxy, which shows me the number of searches per month, the estimated traffic, the competition and how strong a keyword is for SEO. All the keywords for my internet marketing are found through Jaaxy. I use this for myself but also for clients who are searching for keywords and Google Keyword Planner is just not good enough when you write about certain topics.




You might have heard about backlinking, you might also have heard that it is useless. Well, it is not. Backlinks are important to market your business in the search engines but you must have quality backlinks. A backlink from a website that is not relevant to your business will not help much but when you have an online shop selling flowers then you want backlinks from websites writing about flowers.


eMail marketing

How many times have you opted in a newsletter list? Probably many times and did you read these emails? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t but a large eMail list is a great good because this can make you good money. Your clients want to hear from you when you have a new product or service.


Search the internet and all bloggers write about their mailing list of 100,000+ email addresses, and these make them millions.


Social Media
Everyone knows Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and I can go on writing all social media sites. Think about advertising on these sites to make the public aware of your business, your product or service.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google. Do a search on the keyword/phrase you want to be found on and you want to be number 1. Your competitor wants the same and is using the exact keyword so you need to beat him to the top spot of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).


SEO is huge because it means updating content, it means understanding Google, it means Local SEO where local businesses can be found on the internet.


Mobile SEO, the keywords typed on mobile devices are different than on laptops. Laptops are easy to type, for mobiles it is crap. In the UK you might type doctor on the laptop but on a mobile, you will use GP and I am sure that you can find other words that you would use on the mobile but not on the laptop.


Affiliate Marketing
Selling products and making money online is a great good but you might think of affiliate marketing where you sell products through resellers or people who just right a story or review your product and get their commission based on their sale.


All very good, there are many people out there reviewing products that you can buy on Amazon and you might do something very similar. You might call this Affiliate Internet Marketing Strategy and could be part of your plan. You might not want to start with this but as you have a unique business your business might just thrive.


Mentor or Coach

Digital Marketing Mentor CoachWhy do tennis players have a personal coach?
Football players might also have a mentor, someone who has seen it and helps you by asking the right questions so you start thinking about the best way to make money online, the best strategy.


Training or Courses

If you have absolutely no clue how Internet Marketing works then it might be a good thing to follow a training or course. There are online courses, but all will cost money.


The biggest problem with following a training or course is that you lose focus on your business, so maybe an alternative is finding a 3rd party who will do the Internet Marketing and that can be a strategy on its own.

Internet Strategies

All the items mentioned and there are plenty more are part of your marketing plan. This is what you can do yourself or have someone do that for you, but the goal is more visitors to your website, more people to buy your product or service.


Helping hand

When you are a small business it will be too expensive to hire a large marketing company, you are not a Google or Apple who might have these people in-house or at least dedicated marketing specialists who talk to marketing companies to get the best marketing strategy for their products.


A small company should define a budget for the marketing and use a 3rd party small business or freelancer to do the work and during the campaign get reports and change parts of the marketing. This does not mean that you need to change the strategy unless you have a strategy that does not work.


Do not hesitate to pull the plug when the strategy is not going what you expected, better is to go back to the drawing table and review and rewrite your internet marketing strategy.


Making Money Online

We all want to make money online and having your own business with an online presence, this business can be small. Just a blog or a small shop in a small city. No matter what your business is, the internet has many opportunities to make money but you need the strategy right.


Here at Keenclick, I write about making money online, working as a freelancer doing hands-on Adwords, SEO projects. I manage projects for customers that include keyword analysing, manage the build of landing pages. I do the email campaigns and that on an international level with clients in many different countries all around the world.


All these companies have one thing in common and that is that they have a strategy for their internet business.



An internet marketing strategy is important for every online business. No strategy means that the competition will take away your customers and I do not need to say what that means.


If you cannot do the marketing yourself then you do need someone to do that for you and for that you can contact me.



Leave a message here or in the forum.



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