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Freelance Writing

Make Money Online as a Freelance Writer

Freelancing and being paid while writing content is a good way of making money online but you have to make a name for yourself. The paid online writing jobs are out there and you do not even need to search a lot. Large and small companies do want your writing skills and are willing to pay for it.


How to get Online Writing Jobs

Of course, you can go to or and apply for jobs but that might take ages before you get any recognition and if you do not have that it will take even longer to get the interesting paying jobs because when you are new, the companies simply do not want you. You might be the best in writing but when you do not have a showcase when you cannot show a CV of the skills they are looking for then just forget it. Luckily there are other ways to earn money writing articles and other content from home.

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What Content to Write at Home

Well, put yourself in the position of companies that are asking for your skills. What kind of companies is out there? It can be a small site like this site. I can go to any site where there are freelance writers and can put a job advert and writers will come and write the articles.


Large companies do the same, they want someone to write an article but the subject of that article should be really specific and more than relevant to the business of this company. A large pharmaceutical is not really interested in an article about socks unless you can write how to clean your socks using the washing powder of this large pharmaceutical.


I am not talking here about translating because that is totally different, as a freelance writer you will need to use your imagination and your time to do the research to come to a good article of let’s say 1500 words.


It is even possible that you have to go out there, in the open, interview people to get more and better understanding of a certain subject. At the end, we are not all specialists in the same area. I know a lot but I do not know everything and that means research, investigation, interviewing, there are many techniques to get a better understanding of the subject and then automatically the quality of your article, your content, is going up.


Why Not Start Your Own Blog About Something You Love

Writing articles can be very interesting, you write your own opinion about something that happens in the news or in your area of interest. There are authors out there writing their opinion and people just love to read that. You can write about your own experience.


How many travel blogs have you visited, or if you like to play the guitar, did you go to websites where someone writes about their passion? A lot of stories to write, it can be anything again, think for example about dogs, or cats, or miniature trains or toys for children.


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Where to Find Paid Online Writing Jobs

As mentioned there are many sites out there which do help but I really like the site Paid Online Writing Jobs because after signing up I just see thousands of jobs available and that is an opportunity not to be missed. I get emailed when jobs arrive and when a company is asking for my services and that is what I like.


During the day I am busy and getting an email to say that there is another opportunity is just great.

What are the advantages of Paid Online Writing Jobs

  • There are so many jobs that it might overwhelm you
  • No reason to wait to start working
  • You do not need any experience
  • There is no limit to the number of jobs you want to take on but your own time.
  • Payments are done in PayPal


Just a few simple questions

  • Do you have access to the internet?
  • Can you start working now?
  • Do you know Facebook and Twitter and how to use it?
  • Do you want to make money working as a freelance writer from home?


Legitimate Paid Online Writing Jobs

Important is that the sites you are registering with are legitimate. You do not want to work and then not get paid. There is so much scam out there but with Paid Online Writing Jobs you will see the jobs coming to you and that will make you money online as a freelance writer.



Yes, you can make money online as a freelance writer there are loads of opportunities at or but this can be tricky because you need to make a name for yourself.

Alternatives are Paid Online Writing Jobs where they will send you an email once a job has been uploaded to their system.

If you would like to write for yourself then think about a blog, you can read about that in my blog section.



Please leave a comment or contact me in the forum or here. You also can send me an email, however, best would be the comment area or the forum.

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