Southampton SEO Agency Keenclick delivers affordable search engine optimization for small businesses. We always start with a FREE Audit giving you a fact based driven report upon which we can discuss the next steps.


Transparency is a key word for us and by using SEO Powersuite we deliver that.


Where money is tight we run our boutique in such a way that we not only run inexpensive  SEO services but also help clients to run their own engine optimization processes using one of the best SEO tools that you can buy.


A list of our affordable SEO services


SEO is our DNA 

We are running SEO services since the birth of internet, well at least it feels that way, we just love what we do and believe that we really can help to you getting more clients coming through your "virtual" door.


seo analysis

This is what we achieve for you to make you happy, to make your business happy, to make your customers happy because they found you.


SEO Benefits 

We do understand that some businesses do not see the benefit especially when they are small and think they cannot compete against the big guns. In short, that is not the case, you just need to understand how to get in contact with your propspects by using legit SEO techniques.


Do not Gamble with Traffic

We do not like to lose and we are sure the same is for you. Is your competitor waiting for you? Let's be clear about that, they do not, they continue with their daily life in business trying to beat you to get more clients. And that beating means trying to move the relevant traffic from your site to theirs, therefore do not gamble with the traffic, get theirs. Make sure that it ranks higher than before. We do the SEO part, you will do the sales part of your business because that is what you are good at.


The Importance of SEO

Often businesses say to us that they are on the number 1 position in Google engines and I would applaude that if they really did this all by themself. However, after a few questions or basically 1 question it is clear that they have not much understanding of the important of SEO and that is okay, we do what we do best and so is it for them as well.


When it is asked which words they are searching for then they always say the name of their own business and yes, that most likely is on the first spot because it is there will be not that many businesses sharing the business name.


What is the intent of the search?


Search Engine Optimization just never stops. Do not think for one second that you can run SEO for one or two months and then stop it because your competitor will not stop. It is a continous fight with the competition to outrank them and by doing that having more relevant traffic.


You will find out that your site will plummet down the rankings once you stop optimising it for certain words.


SEO Campaigns

We are a specialised SEO boutique helping clients to create the SEO strategy that includes the Social Media stategy which are both part of your overall digital marketing stategy and deliver the SEO campaigns with optimal result. The execution is done through the tactical plan that we will write for you giving you clear goals and milestones.


We are keen to become your partner bringing you more visitors not only online but also to your mortar and brick business.


SEO comes with a cost but it does not need to be expensive, SEO can be affordable setting out goals that are achievable within the budget with maximum results.


Search Engines

We can bring results in Google, Google Maps, Google Images, Bing, Bing News, Yahoo, Yahoo mobile, AOL, Ask, Dogpile, Duckduckgo, Yandex, YouTube, Tut, So, Sogou, Centrum, Seznam, Atlas, Web and more. In total there are now over 400 engines that we work with, pretty sure that this includes the engine you are targeting.


Let Keenclick be Your SEO Agency from Today

Writing about SEO is absolutely fantastic but does not do any optimisation or help you in any way ranking on the first page of the SERP. As a digital marketing agency we focus completely on search engine optimization because that is what we are good at.


You can all do it yourself using the tool that we are using, which is SEO Powersuite, we even help you or explain how to use it, however learning SEO tools might not be your thing because your thing is running your business, that is your passion therefore contact us today and let us bring you more relevant leads, increasing the number of relevant visitors coming to your website and your business frontdoor.