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Our chatbot services will bring you more leads due to the high retention rate chatbots simply have.


Our small business SEO services will rank your website higher in the search engines bringing relevant targeted traffic.

Text to Speech

Convert your text to speech with over 66 different voices in many different languages, adding a lip-sync humatar will make your video complete.


Our video marketing services rank your videos in the video search engines and engage with your visitors.

Lead Generation Digital Agency For Small Businesses

You as a small business owner can’t afford to miss out on potential clients. Creating leads is tough for any size company and getting found on search engines can be near impossible without the right lead generation strategy in place!

Keenclick is a lead generation and promotional services company that helps small and mid-sized businesses grow their clientele. With our help, you can create more leads to expand your business with increased marketing visibility online!

We specialise in helping your business create more of those sweet angel numbers with our SEO services, video production techniques, text2speech and chatbot services – whichever you need most right now.

Generating Leads

We help small businesses generate leads by driving traffic and converting them into customers. We do this for our clients, who love us because we’re good at what they need to be done – making more sales!

We get you more leads! With our experience in generating traffic and converting them into customers, we are confident that your company will be satisfied.

Contacting a Small Business Digital Agency is the first step for your sales team to become busy turning prospects into happy paying customers.


There are many reasons why your website needs a chatbot. Read our article Chatbot Benefits for Businesses to get an impression of the advantages.

The retention rate of a chat box is fantastic and in simple terms, a 3D Avatar with the chatbox will be your best salesman. The cost of running a chatbot 24×7 and that every day of the year is a no-brainer when leads are generated and turned into clients.

How about guiding the visitor through your sales process with the end result of a purchase, which will be another sale for you.

The Chatbox can “chat” with the visitor in their own language.

“the Chatbot is
the Cheapest Salesman”

– Our Clients

The chatbot is a 24-hour service that gives you the opportunity to get more prospects, gathering information like name, telephone number, and email address which is sent directly to you via email, your CRM system, or your online bookings like your calendar.

Just visit our page Lead generation Chatbot to learn all about this chatbot service and the opportunity it gives you.

And do not forget, your competitor might already have a chatbot on their website generating leads for them.

Search Engine Optimisation

Within our Digital Agency, the SEO Expert provides SEO Services for your small business website. Part of the services are Website Audit, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Link building. In all SEO area’s we use our knowledge to your benefit.

  • increase the visibility of your website in the search engines,
  • increase the numbers of leads,
  • rank your website higher in these same search engines.

Our SEO specialists work through our digital agency totally focused on your needs, bringing leads to your website by increasing the position of your website in the search engines for organic search. The higher the ranking position on the search engine result page the more traffic is coming your way and that results in more leads and more revenue. Your competitors already beat you in the search engines but it is not too late to turn it around.

Client Engagment – Video

People often think of Google and Bing, but YouTube is a very large search engine and having a top spot in the video search engine brings you leads. YouTube is a lead generator and perhaps currently smaller than Google Search engine, more and more videos are uploaded on a daily basis.

lead generation dog avatar

People do hardly read anymore, they rather see a 30-second video or a 5-minute video than a 2000 word page. Reading seems to be hard but when your audience watches videos then be part of it.

Video creation and marketing can be expensive but through our technology, we make it affordable.

We market that video generating the leads that you can convert to sales.

Text to Speech

Have you ever had a text and hired someone to speak this text for your videos and found that it hiring someone is just very expensive?

With our Text to Speech Services, you can empower your videos for a fraction of the price and adding our ‘humatars‘ to those videos will make your videos stand out.

  • Real professional actors in your videos
  • Boost Conversions With Real Humans
  • No Need To Be On Camera, Ever Again
  • No Need To Record Your Voice
  • Repurpose Videos From One Language To Many
  • Unlock Massive Business Opportunities

Why Is SEO Important for my business?

Your website is the best opportunity to tell your prospects what your business is all about, to be found by these prospects you will need to rank high in the search engines and for this Small Business SEO is important.

How do I know if my website has issues?

The best way to find out if your website has an issue is to run a website audit. We at Keenclick run this website audit free of charge.

How do I understand the competition?

Competitor Analysis is the process and part of SEO to “spy” on the competitors. This process gives a great understanding of the competition in keywords, backlinks and much more that is needed to be able to beat them in the search engines.

How many Keywords do I need?

The number of keywords is not really relevant because we look at only quality keywords. The interesting part is that when your site is running for a while many keywords will be seen in Google Search Console.

How many Links do I need and where can I get them?

It is better to have backlinks from high-quality authoritative websites than many links from “crapy” sites therefore the number is less relevant compared to the quality of the links. There are many ways to get backlinks but here at Keenclick, you can be assured that you only get backlinks that really help your site ranking in the search engines.

Is Video Marketing Lead Generation Working for my Business?

There is no reason why video marketing would not bring you any leads. Video search engines are a good source of information used by billions of users worldwide.

Is a Chatbot Service really necessary?

Many websites use a pop-up to get the email address of a visitor but they are often clicked away. Our Chat Service keeps the visitor engaged and gives you the information this visitor is looking for. And all you need to do is contact the prospect and turn that lead into a customer.

Do I need a Small Business Digital Agency?

Our digital agency saves you time and money by having the knowledge and resources for search engine optimisation, video marketing and chatbot service.

Send Keenclick the Small Business Digital Agency Your Questions

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In case you are a “do it yourself person” and have time to do your own SEO then please have a look at your sister site SEO Tools for Webmasters where you can read about a great SEO Tool that you can download for free.

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