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Independent Freelance SEO Expert

An exclusive freelance SEO consultant based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, delivering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to small and mid-sized businesses.

As an independent SEO specialist my focus will be bringing relevant organic traffic to your website where you can pick them up and make these visitors happy paying customers.

The scope of work starts with a free website audit followed by a wide range of tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis, on-site optimisation and link building

Freelance SEO Consultant

Speed up your website

I have been hired by companies as an independent SEO consultant for a number of years now while working from Southampton in the UK. An SEO Expert, a communicator at all levels, focused on building strong relationships with businesses.

Having experience in a wide range of SEO Tools & Techniques I definetely can help you to rank your website(s) quickly and efficiently.

Having a project management background my work will be based on performance delivering excellent high-end results described in the project statement of work.


Your website is running 24 hours a day and you expect that website to perform. You might have a contract with your Internet Service Provider and that is what I have in mind too. A Statement of Work that shows what to expect and the performance during the project. It gives you peace of mind knowing that what is said will be done.


An effective communicator at all levels, focused on building strong relationships with business IT, CAB and third-party stakeholder to CxO level. Monthly reporting not only by email but a call going over the delivered report, discussions on the next steps, the lessons learned.


Being an independent freelancer has the advantage for both you and me that I am flexible in my working hours. There is no so called 9 to 5 mentality and that means that you have exclusive access to an SEO Expert with flexible pricing and flexible contracts for 24 hours a day.

  • WEBSITE AUDIT - A website audit including a performance check is always done on your website. The report is free of charge and is used by our SEO Consultant to discuss with you the best way to optimise your website.
  • LINK BUILDING - Building links from local, national and international sites that are relevant for you and drive important traffic to your site increasing the ranking in the search engines.
  • KEYWORD RESEARCH - Researching keywords for your content on your site but also keywords in video channels and voice search.
  • COMPETITOR ANALYSIS - Analysing the local, nationwide and international competition to learn from them to beat them in the search engines for your benefit.
  • TECHNICAL SEO - The performance if yours website can drop dramatically if the site is not top notch, your job is to run your business, my job is to deliver your website that is technically faultless. 
  • ONSITE OPTIMISATION - Optimising your website pages, titles, tags, content and other important ranking elements where you basically make sure that search engines know what your page is all about. 


Search Engine Optimisation consists of many fields and some fields are simply used more often then others next to that certain fields contain subfields and when that is all mixed then SEO is complex.

Nevertheless, after many years in the SEO world I found my way with SEO PowerSuite at my side because without a tool SEO is not doable.

Research, Planning and Strategy

During my corporate world career I gained a lot of knowledge that is beneficial to my SEO work.

- analyse the scope of the campaign and search for the best target audience
- research keywords and plan these keywords within content
- research competitors and the competition
- understand and set key performance indicators (KPI) 

Content Creation and Management

Write the content strategy and manage the content creation by writing myself or have the the content written by a native or guru in their own field, keep on track with the writing by having a content calender.

Content creation does not stop with text but includes video, graphics, animation and interactive to engage with your visitors. 

Link Prospecting

Analyse the back links from competitors and search and contact prospects to build links with relevant sites.

Create internal links where pages link via anchor text to eachother based on relevancy. 

Web, Integrations and Technical Work

A technical background helps me with optimising the website:

- update code
- optimise the speed of the website and individual pages
- the setup and configuration of the site so it can make use of a content delivery network
- the setup and configuration of Conent Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla
- development in HTML
- implementation of Secure Socket Layer (SSL)certificates
- Internet Service Provider Hosting
- Database Management
- Maintenance of the website
- Security through firewalls and other web security elements
- indexing, schema markup
- analytics, robots, xml sitemap 

PR & Outreach & Social Media

Help you branding your business:

- Being creative
- Pitch Writing
- Communication locally, nationaly and internationally
- time management
- reputation management 


Tracking the outcome of each search engine optimisation:

- Rank Tracking,
- Traffic Analytics (Google)
- Monitoring the competition
- Key Performance Indicator
- Keyword analytics
- Conversation rate optimising 

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92a Howard Road
Southampton, SO15 5BH
United Kingdom

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