search engine optimisation services for local small & mid-sized businesses


Keenclick a Local SEO Company delivering Professional SEO Services optimising your web presence, increasing your local search traffic generating more leads, more sales and more revenue for your business. Whether you are a small business or a mid-sized business outsource your search engine optimisation to a top professional SEO expert delivering the range of quality local SEO services that you need.

The internet is a great opportunity to do business but with “healthy” competitors it is a daunting task to keep your own website in perfect shape to outperform your competitors.

A technical top-notch performing website and high-quality content with the right keywords for your business will attract more visitors and more visitors simply means more business.

Let your website not be a waste but let it be the start of a fantastic relationship with happy paying customers.


Local SEO and Local Search are more important for small businesses. The competition is fears and there are only a few places on the first page in the search engines. Local SEO is the remedy for that.

Can you take the top spot with local search?

Yes, with a local search engine optimisation strategy that has been proven you can outrank your competitors and be on the first page in the search engines.

Just have a look at the image and you see that many keywords are ranking on the first spot in Google.

And that not only on the desktop but on the mobile as well which is extremely important to this very local business if my client because 75% of the local traffic comes from mobile phone users.

Rank Tracking Top Spot


Through my local SEO company, I run my SEO services in a professional matter where the client is King and that from Southampton, UK. I deliver SEO Services to clients worldwide who are most interested in local optimisation. Services like Website Optimisation and adding your business details to Google My Business and local business directories.

These clients are in the UK but also Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada to name a few countries.

All my clients are in need of more local visitors hence they hire me as a local SEO expert to increase local traffic to their website using SEO rankings techniques.

In the end, there is only one outcome and that is that sites will go up in the local search rankings, attracting more relevant visitors not only to the website of my clients but to their local businesses as well.

WebSite Audit

A website audit is a combination of Technical SEO and Onsite Optimisation and needs to be done in order to the see the health of the website.

Competitor Analysis​

Analysing the local, nationwide and international competition to learn from them to beat them in the search engines for your benefit.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords for your content on your site but also keywords in video channels and voice search.

Link Building

Building links from local, national and international sites that are relevant for you and drive important traffic to your site increasing the ranking in the search engines.


On a high level, you can say that the following tasks will be performed.

a) Check your site that it is technically sound, has a great UX, is fast and mobile-friendly
b) Add content to your website that “speak” what your target audience is searching for
c) Promote your website via Outreach, Partnerships, Social Media and other options for free and paid promotions.

The process that is followed is divided into 5 phases

  • Phase I: Researching
  • Phase II: Improving
  • Phase III: Building
  • Phase IV: Promoting
  • Phase V: Evaluating