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Freelance SEO consultancy services for small & mid-sized businesses.

Fedor Alphenaar SEO Freelance Consultant
Fedor Alphenaar

SEO Freelance Consultant

An experienced SEO Freelance Consultant, providing Freelance SEO Services to small and mid-sized businesses. Freelance SEO Consultancy Services from the South of England although it really does not matter where I am based or where you are based, as long as there is an Internet connection I analyse, research and execute a plan to solve the ranking problem of your website.

Most clients that contact me tell me that their website is under-performing in the search engines. That is just not only bothering them but costs a lot of money because they clearly can see their competitors ranking higher and therefore have more visitors and more leads.

When your website is lacking visibility you lose visitors leads and revenue. In short lacking visibility costs you money.

Solving the Problem

And here I come in place because as an SEO freelance consultant my SEO consultancy services will

  • increase the visibility of your website in the search engines,
  • increase the numbers of leads for your business,
  • rank your website higher in these same search engines.

Being a Freelance SEO expert my work is totally focused on your needs, bringing leads to your website by increasing the position of your website in the search engines for organic search. The higher the ranking position on the search engine result page the more traffic is coming your way and that results in more leads and more revenue for your business.

Your competitors already beat you in the search engines but it is not too late to turn it around.

The affordable SEO services I have on the menu are part of a strategy to bring back the smiles on your face. Once you see the increase of leads coming your way, it is then your job to turn these business leads into happy paying customers.

My Professional SEO Consultancy Services

The client is King and that will always be. I deliver SEO Freelance Consultancy Services to clients worldwide. These clients are in the UK but also Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada to name a few countries.

All my clients require better website ranking for organic desktop and mobile search traffic.

In the end, there is only one outcome and that is that your website will go up on the search engine result page.

SEO Campaign Process

The search engine optimisation process is basically straightforward as it is shown in the image below.

SEO Workflow
  • Find your target keywords
  • Check current rankings
  • Fix on-site issues
  • Optimise pages
  • Get rid of toxic links
  • Build quality backlinks



Keyword Research
Keyword Research
Check Keyword Ranking
Check Ranking
Technical Audit Fix Issues
Fix Issues
Optimise Pages
Disavow Toxic Back-links
Disavow Links
Link Building
Link Building


The competition is fears and there are only a few places on the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and even less when you see that much of the space is occupied by advertisements or snippets.

However, with a proven strategy you can outrank your competitors and be on the first page. Just have a look at the image and you see that many keywords are ranking on the first spot in Google.

And not only for the desktop but for mobile search as well which is extremely important to this very local business client of mine because 75% of their traffic come from mobile phones.

SEO Consultant Southampton Delivers Rank Tracking Top Spot

Why are SEO and local SEO Important to my Business?

The Internet is a great place for nearly free advertisements where your website is your business card to the outside world who are interested in your services or products. An unlimited number of visitors, an unlimited number of leads and this all to generate more revenue for your business. More people to reach out to than ever before although not all might be interesting for you.

How do I know if my website has issues?

The best way to find out if your website has an issue is to run a website audit.

How do I understand the competition?

Competitor Analysis is the process and part of SEO to “spy” on the competitors. This process gives a great understanding of the competition in keywords, backlinks and much more that is needed to be able to beat them in the search engines.

How many Keywords do I need?

The number of keywords is not really relevant because we look at only quality keywords. The interesting part is that when your site is running for a while many keywords will be seen in Google Search Console.

How many links do I need and where can I get them?

It is better to have backlinks from high-quality authoritative websites than many links from “crapy” sites therefore the number is less relevant compared to the quality of the links.

Does it matter if I am not based in Southampton?

Although I am a Southampton based freelance SEO Consultant it does not matter that you are not. Many of my clients are international clients. There are many ways to communicate that includes face2face via Skype or another tool that work for both of us.

Ask me Your Question

These were just a few questions but you might have many more. Just send them to me and we discuss these questions via the phone or Skype and hopefully, soon I can be your SEO freelance consultant increasing your visibility on the web.

Contact me today to start a successful relationship bringing you high value(d) customers.