I have been hired by local, national and international companies as an independent freelance SEO consultant for a number of years now while working from Southampton in the UK.

Working with a freelancer has its benefits


  • No 9 to 5 mentality
  • Direct and exclusive access to an SEO expert
  • A consultant helping you if you want to go DIY
  • Affordable prices


In other words what is stopping you making the first step by calling or sending an email for a call back to find out that there is no need to promise to walk that extra mile delivering local SEO services when you live in Southampton because your business might be much closer than that.


A small joke because you might want local SEO services while living at the other end of the country.


No matter where your business is located and the type of business services you deliver, I will be more than happy to run a free audit on your website and discuss the results with you.


Having a technical project management background, a technical SEO freelancer if you like, who run the SEO campaigns like projects that means there is an ending date and by doing that we do not need endless long-term contracts.


I plan, we discuss the statement of work (SOW) you agree and we sign off the work and this work can just be a few hours or a few weeks, this all depends on the outcome of the FREE audit and our initial discussion.


If you are looking for a SEO freelancer then do not hesitate to contact me and we discuss the next steps of hopefully a fruitful working relation and as my logo already suggest, a handshake is a way of building trust.


DIY SEO Optimisation

In case you want to run the SEO services yourself then no problem, I would love you to run your DIY SEO Optimisation and if I can help in some kind of consultancy then just let me know.

You might have seen that I use SEO PowerSuite for my service engine optimisation work and before going to purchase expensive tools just download the FREE Edition and start working with that.