SEO and CRM are both abbreviations that you know but do not have the knowledge off to implement.  And you do not need that, for Search Engine Optimisation you can hire a company to do just that because they are the specialist in ranking your website higher in the search engines and for Customer Relation Management you need to understand how to manage your customers but that is something which is in your remit because all businesses will need to have some CRM internal process done by yourself and your colleagues.


Keenclick is using SEO Powersuite for the SEO services that we provide to our customers and Bitrix24 for the CRM services.


These two tools are so powerful that this is enough to run your business perfectly from ranking your website higher in the search engines, using Social Media and other means to turn LEADS into Happy Paying customers sending invoice, log every call, build great landing page for every marketing aspect of your business.


Your website is your business card on the Internet for searchers to find you and understand the services you offer or the products you sell.


Using the mentioned tools, you will rank higher and get more LEADS from your marketing efforts.


Just look at Bitrix24 then you will see that there are complete marketing tools available from sending marketing emails to using Social Media for your marketing. And really every contact is automatically saved in your database.


This gives you a LEAD and starting the process to make this LEAD to become a customer and that all because Bitrix24 is a Customer Relation Management tool that really does it for you.


We, Keenclick, are based in Southampton, UK and as the name already suggest we want click to be perfect. A click from a visitor must be worthwhile but when your website is not in the best shape then that click can be very expensive and we are not really keen on paying where the return of investment is low.


In order to get value for your pound or euro or dollar you do need to know the best process for your digital marketing and here at Keenclick we just do that for you.


We help you to gain the most out of your marketing budget getting more customers who are really interested in your services or products.


seo powersuiteSEO Powersuite

There are multiple SEO tools available on the internet to do the Search Engine Optimisation yourself. This DIY is great however do you have the knowledge or better the time to do it all yourself?


We use SEO Powersuite to help us in auditing your website, ranking your website, finding links for your website and checking your competitor’s website to understand why they do better for certain keywords than you and then indeed change the process to outrank your competitors.


SEO Powersuite consists of 4 different tools rank tracker, website auditor, seo spyglass and link assistant. The name of each tool already describes what it does but in short these 4 tools together that run on the desktop or laptop give us all we need for the seo services.


It would be great to contact our SEO consultant to discuss our seo services and develop the strategy to rank your website higher in the search engines beating your competitors.


bitrix24 logoBitrix24

To keep track of all new and old customers, the deals you have with customers you might use a simple spreadsheet or have other expensive tools but with Bitrix24 there are 35 different services available and that can be all for free.


Collaboration between you, your colleagues, customers and 3rd party companies is important for your business and that is exactly what Bitrix24 does and this can be indeed for free.


There are over 30 different features in Bitrix24. Just look at this short list:

  • Social Network; Connect Social Media to Bitrix24 so you do not miss any lead whether they come from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Collaborate with your colleagues on the Intranet.
  • Tasks & Projects; turn LEADS into DEALS and do this by creating tasks and projects for your employees. Using GANTT charts or Kanban, create dependencies on the tasks and report when tasks are coming overdue.
  • Chat & Video; chat and talk with colleagues.
  • Documents; have private and shared documents, save template documents, lock documents, version history, in short manage your documents in Bitrix24
  • Drive; use a drive in the cloud or on premise to store all important documents per client, colleague, department.
  • Calendars; manage your own personal and business calendars, that includes workgroup, department, division or company calendars. Synchronise the calendar with your mobile and other calendars you might have.
  • Mail; important emails you receive and create LEADS out of it to actionize these LEADS turning them into customers. Create shared inboxes for different workgroups, divisions or departments.
  • CRM; organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts.
  • Clients; have all your client digital communication correspondence available like email, telephone, social media, instant messenger, web form and website live chat.
  • Telephony; have your own business phone call center, receive calls and log them, call worldwide from Bitrix24.
  • HR; have your free HRMS (human resources management system) up and running in minutes.
  • Mobile; the iOS and Android apps are for free that includes apps to scan business cards creating a LEAD and track your LEADS, communicate for free, track your schedule and so much more.


This is only a small list of features that Bitrix24 offer for free in the cloud. There is also an on-premise version available but the best is to talk to us so we can discuss with you what you need and what the best approach is to implement Bitrix24.


Contacting us is straightforward.

You can call us or just chat with us using the chat tool on our website. Do not hesitate to send us your questions because we want you to be happy and concentrate on your business while we take care of ranking your website and helping you turning leads in customers.