Optimise your Website

Optimising your website to rank high in the search engines is important because your website is the first business card that people see. More and more people are browing the internet and although the majority might not be important to you, you do not want to miss the visitors that can be turned into paying customers. SEO is the process to increase the ranking of your website in the search engines and this process is an ongoing process.


Once you stop, your competitor will take your place and that means that the next visitor might go to your competitor and be a happy paying one earning you less for your company.


SEO by Heart, it is in our DNA 

Keenclick is running SEO services since the birth of internet, well at least it feels that way, and we just love what we do. It really feels great to see the ranking of a website increase and getting messages from clients that they indeed get more customers.


seo analysis


This is what we achieve for you to make you happy, to make your business happy, to make your customers happy because they found you.

SEO Benefits 

We do understand that some businesses do not see the benefit especially when they are small and think they cannot compete against the big guns. In short, that is not the case, you just need to understand how to get in contact with your propspects by using legit seo techniques and then turn them into happy customers.

Do not Gamble

We do not like to lose and we are sure the same is for you. Is your competitor waiting for you? Let's be clear about that, they do not, they continue with their daily life in business trying to beat you to get more clients. And that beating is also on website level, therefore do not gamble with your website. Make sure that it ranks higher than before. We do the SEO part, you will do the sales part of your business because that is what you are good at. 

Contact us today, your SEO Agency 

Writing about SEO is absolutely terrific but does not help you to rank, best is to give us a ring and let's have a chat so you understand our way of working and if there is a click between you and us which we are keen on.