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Is your website lacking presense on the internet?

Can you find your website in the search engines with the keywords most relevant to your business?

All questions that most likely have a negative answer otherwise you would not be here on my site searching for a freelance SEO expert helping to increase the ranking of your website in the Google’s and Bings of this planet.

The SEO services I have on the menu brings more relevant traffic to you business.

Your competitors are not waiting for you, they might already increase their traffic and that traffic was once yours, in other words you lose potential customers and that will hit you in the pocket.

Outsource your SEO requests to me a Southampton based SEO consultant for your business today by starting to contact me.

Do you want to spend time on SEO or on your Business?

The internet is a great opportunity to do business but with “healthy” competitors it is a daunting task to keep your own website in perfect shape to outperform competitors.

A technical top-notch performing website and high-quality content with the right keywords for your business will attract more relevant visitors and more visitors simply means more business.

Let your website not be a waste but let it be the start of a fantastic relationship with happy paying customers.


The competition is fears and there are only a few places on the first Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and even less when you see that much of the space is occupied by advertisements or snippets.

However, with a proven strategy you can outrank your competitors and be on the first page. Just have a look at the image and you see that many keywords are ranking on the first spot in Google.

And not only for the desktop but for mobile search as well which is extremely important to this very local business client of mine because 75% of their traffic comes from mobiles.

Rank Tracking Top Spot


The client is King and that will always be. I deliver SEO Services to clients worldwide. These clients are in the UK but also Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada to name a few countries.

Services like Website Audit and Optimisation of keywords, content, link building and not to forget adding your business details to Google My Business, local business directories and other relevant websites.

All my clients are in need of more ranking their website better and outperform their rivals hence they hire me as the SEO expert to increase traffic to their website using SEO rankings techniques.

In the end, there is only one outcome and that is that sites will go up in the search result page, attracting more relevant visitors not only to the website of my clients but to their local businesses as well.

WebSite Audit

A website audit is a combination of Technical SEO and Onsite Optimisation and needs to be done in order to the see the health of the website.

Competitor Analysis​

Spy or better analyse the local, nationwide and international competition, learn from them and use that for your advantage.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords for your content on your site but also keywords in video channels and voice search.

Link Building

Building links from local, national and international sites that are relevant to your business and drive important traffic to your website.


On a high level, you can say that the following tasks will be performed.

a) Check your site that it is technically sound, has a great UX, is fast and mobile-friendly
b) Add content to your website that “speak” what your target audience is searching for
c) Promote your website via Outreach, Partnerships, Social Media and other options for free and paid promotions.

The process that is followed is divided into 5 phases

  • Phase I: Researching
  • Phase II: Improving
  • Phase III: Building
  • Phase IV: Promoting
  • Phase V: Evaluating

The phases stand for themselves but help to understand where in the process the work is done. The steps are logical, no improvement can be made without a research.

Nothing will be created or built that does not come from a clear view that it is an improvement and so on.

In the end, nothing will be added to your site without your knowledge on the benefit of the change and your approval.

Why local seo is important to your business?

This is a question you indeed should ask yourself, “Why is local SEO important for my business?” which might result in many answers and some might say “not important at all because of not having an internet business at all”.

Well, that answer would be wrong because I would say if you

  • have business cards
  • have a business address
  • expect visitors to your business premises
  • sell products or services
  • have clients and/or customers
  • any other reason to present your business to others

then simply a website is the first for many prospects to visit before buying anything from you and the same counts for your competitor.

Local SEO is therefore important because you do NOT want to lose your clients and customers. You do not want them to go to the competition leaving you with only bills and no income.

And there are plenty of other reasons to think of why a business should have a local SEO strategy.

Just some other SEO questions asked

Are there any issues with my website?

Often I get the question if there are any issues with my website. And the simple answer is that I can run a website audit using a website auditor I have been using for many years now.

You can run the same audit yourself because there is a free forever version.

How do I understand the competition?

I wrote a much larger article on competition analysis and this is important because you do need to know what your competition is doing. Understand if you can beat them using your strategy or that you need to adapt and change it a little so your angle to the market is a little bit different, focussing on your own products and services.

How many Keywords words do I need?

The number of keywords is not really relevant because we look at only quality keywords. The interesting part is that when your site is running for a while many keywords will be seen in Google Search Console.

How many links do I need and where can I get them?

Yes, it is not just “can I get”, it is important to get links from relevant websites. Searching for these websites to start the link building process is great fun but really takes time and if you have been searching on prices around link building then you will understand pricing better once you start searching yourself.

The number of links is less important compared to the quality of the links.

Ask me Your Question

These were just a few questions but you might have many more. Just send them to me and we discuss these questions via the phone or Skype.

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