Providing nationwide and local SEO services to small and mid-sized businesses is a dream come true. Making use of several years SEO experience it is great to help businesses optimising their website and rank in the search engines to bring more leads to their website, through their door.


The benefit of a freelancer is that the prices are affordable, stepping away from a 9 to 5 mentality, exclusive access to an SEO expert, a consultant helping you if you want to go DIY, in other words what is stopping you making the first step by calling or sending an email for a call back to find out that there is no need to promise to walk that extra mile delivering local SEO services when you live in Southampton because your business might be much closer than that.


A small joke because you might want local SEO services while living at the other end of the country.


Not all small and mid-sized businesses need local SEO, you might be looking nationwide or maybe even globalwide SEO services but no matter where the audience you target are located, contact today and let me help you getting more leads and ultimatelymore sales.


Local SEO Services for Businesses

One of the advantages of being a freelancer is the freedom and not having an office therefore the prices are much more affordable than an agency but it does not mean that local SEO services are delivered to businesses in only about 25 miles radius from Southampton or of lesser quality.


Far from that, no matter where your business is located South West, Midlands, the North or even abroad, “local” SEO services does not mean that it is needed to live next door or in the same area unless there is a need for a physical contact but phone or Skype are a great replacement for that.


The SEO Approach

In many ways a local SEO approach is not much different than a “standard” or nationwide SEO approach, the phases are the same but the execution is absolutely different in some areas.

• Audit
• Content
• Visibility
• Search Results
• Keywords



A website audit always falls into two categories, the technical and the onsite content. The technical part of an SEO audit is already described on our Technical SEO page. Technically the website must be in good shape without errors or other defects that might harm the robots properly indexing your website.



Optimising content to make it search engine friendly. Researching the current content and updating where necessary, off course, when you think about it then you will see that with a local search the name of a city or a postcode is added to the search query but you also can think of something like “near me” which is more used in voice searches from a mobile phone.


The SEO Powersuite website auditor tool does give the advantage to audit your content and use the Rank Tracker to search for keywords and synonyms that help indexing your website and ranking on keywords that are relevant to the searchers search query.


It is not always easy to create great content with the right touch. Often this is handed over to content writers but the main problem with that is that a content writer cannot write from the heart because it is not their business, we believe that a business owner should write the content to give it soul. Once that is done a content writer can update it, not only looking for errors and other common mistakes that you might have overseen but write with SEO in mind.



The rank tracker in SEO Powersuite shows the visibility of your website in the search engines by any given keyword. With over 400 search engines in the portfolio you can check on any of these search engines but for nationwide or local search engine optimisation you are not really interested in areas that are not local to your business.

Increasing the local visibility in the nationwide or search engines is the target and that is what will be done. Within the marketing strategy there will be a part called visibility and the outline writes the visibility targets and the goals.


Search Results

Increasing your website in the search results is the aim of the nationwide or local SEO services that is provided. The executed plan is monitored and weekly the ranking is checked on the chosen keyword and reported on. When certain keywords might not be worth progressing they should be abandoned because of lack of searches or a trend that goes a different direction and therefore not really relevant anymore.



As mentioned, local SEO keywords are different then SEO keywords. Searching for candles might bring you to a candle shop far away or an online shop next to maybe a video and an explanation how candles are made.

Changing the search query to “candles Southampton” or “Where can I buy candles in Southampton?” show a clear difference between a “regular” keyword search and a local keyword search.


Searches on a mobile, that includes voice searches are also different. Have you ever tried to use the voice search on your mobile and searched for “Where can I buy candles nearby?”



An important aspect of local SEO is the citation of your business where you simply make list your business name that includes the address, phone number (NAP), website and other information about your business.

You will find that business directories are extremely useful especially when you know that many people use these directories searching for a business and that these business directories are directly listed in the search engine.


In the image below you see that a search on “candles Southampton” shows a listing in and also in



candles southampton


This shows that it is very important to have the citation right but before starting to search and fill in the details always create a list of all business directories where you want to be listed.

Not all directories are interesting or relevant to your business and in some cases, it even can penalise your website. Researching the business directories is part of the local SEO service and only pick the best and most relevant sites that can bring you a) traffic b) visitors c) leads that you can turn into sales.

The list below shows a few of the main business listings

  • Google My Business is an absolute MUST
  • Bing MAPS includes information about your business
  • Yell 


To give you an example that includes some alternative searches

business directory


Do not forget that many of the business directories have an APP for the mobile phone and basically it means that your business is in the pocket of many.



We have created a blueprint of the local SEO process, a step by step process that we follow that makes our clients happy because it is clear and transparent and can be updated to follow your business processes if needed.


DIY Local Search Engine Optimisation

There might be plenty of tools out there that can help you with your local SEO efforts, the point is that you do need a tool that basically bring all the other tools to a standstill and SEO Powersuite is just doing that.

The combination of the 4 applications makes it so powerful that you do not need the other tools anymore. If you are really keen on this “Do it Yourself SEO”, the download SEO Powersuite and start using it.


Contact the SEO Freelancer Expert

In all other situations find a way to contact and start ranking your website in the search engines and see relevant traffic hitting your website.

Do not wait, your competitor is also not waiting.