5 Reasons Why Small Real Estate Agents Need a Chatbot

Real estate leads strategies are a game-changer in the real estate industry, especially if you’re a small real estate agent. As a realtor, you might come across the pickiest property buyers, sellers, or renters. And that’s because they would expect an instant response from an agency or company they would want to interact with.

Are you still depending on boring, impersonal, and lengthy lead capture forms to achieve the same? Are your clients waiting for days and days for your response because you were busy giving a virtual tour to another client? If you are, then your prospects might drift away to your competitors from your website.

Do you know your competitors are gaining your potential leads by a simple trick? Well, that easy yet effective trick is the usage of an AI chatbot for websites. The best way to generate real estate leads is to make chatbots engage with the realtors by adding a personal touch. Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss the top five reasons why small real estate agents need a chatbot.

What are Chatbots for Real Estate Agent Websites?

Chatbots are AI-enabled software tools that ensure easy delivery of your company’s message and induce smooth conversations between your customers and your services. They are talking bots that provide state-of-the-art text-to-speech, instant translation, 3D animation, and lip-sync technologies, as used by Keenclick Digital Agency through futuristic AI and machine learning technologies.

According to Startupbonsai, 61% of marketers find lead generation as their biggest challenge. An AI Chabot specifically aiming at lead generation, uses a conversational approach to get the client data, guiding them through the buying stages, finally making them convert. All that in natural human language!

tasks supported by chatbots
Source: Spiceworks

Real Estate Chatbots help the visitors navigate various services and options on your website, answer FAQs, and keep them thoroughly engaged with your brand message. Thus they keep the visitors from leaving your site without converting.

Chatbots for real estate even allow realtors to schedule property visits, guide them through virtual property tours, and answer buyer-seller queries. They also facilitate 24/7 audience engagement and build profitable relationships with clients and prospects. Overall, chatbots are the best way to generate real estate leads without opt-in forms or landing pages.

How Important is a Chatbot for Real Estate Leads Generation?

Before we dive into the top 5 reasons, let’s first discuss how AI chatbots can revolutionize estate agent leads strategies and why is it so important?

As stated in the beginning, chatbots generating real estate leads are a game-changer in the industry. The more leads you capture, the more the conversions, the more the profits, and the more the growth of your real estate business. They can even scale your brand reputation and brand awareness, building fruitful relationships with profitable prospects and professionals.

The below data by Drift 2020, depicts what visitors like about AI chatbots the most. Answering simple questions and getting instant responses have been the topmost benefits.

Real Estate Leads and the importance of Chatbots
Data Chart Source: Drift

Implementation of AI chatbots on the website is the best way to generate real estate leads. The old school methods of cold calls, knocking on doors, and even form-filling are left far behind. An Online chatbot is way too fast, efficient, effective, personal, and responsive.

Moreover, you might get tired of answering the same queries asked by each of your clients. So why waste time in answering the mundane repeated questions? Just opt for a chatbot to save time and also reduce the customer support cost by 30 per cent.

5 Reasons for Realtors to Implement Chatbot for Website

AI Chatbots Select Qualified Leads

In a Nutshell – Online chatbots can handle the repetitive and boring FAQs, while your human customer support can help in closing valuable, real, and big deals.

According to 2020 data, 63% of internet users who enjoy the 24/7 live customer support are likely to engage again. But then, you have to implement extensive human customer support on your real estate platform that also comes with challenges.

There might be prospects who will convert into sales in the future. But not everyone who engages with live support on your site is likely there to make a sale. Some might just look for information for various other purposes. So, is it even fruitful for human customer support to handle all those real estate leads?

Why not allow the human agents to handle the larger areas which can bring direct and definite conversions?

The Solution

solution a
Chatbots used by KeenClick Digital Agency

Leave the lead capturing task on an AI chatbot. A website chatbot can keep your customers hooked on your site, answer questions, present their sales offers on properties, and give them a virtual tour using digital technologies. Thus, you can rate these visitors by studying their behaviour on your site and assigning them maturity scores.

Leads with higher scores are most likely to convert in the future. They can move on to further rounds to converse with a human. And chatbots online on your site can feed more information to the visitors having lower scores to make them convert later.

Talking Bots Provide Essential Data

In a Nutshell – Chatbots provide essential data about your prospects, guides them through their buyer’s journey, and save your time.

Your buyers are going to demand much more than initial conversations to invest in your properties or real estate business. They need to assess everything about your real estate business before they close the deal.

Along with detailed insights on properties, they are also going to see whether you are innovative with the latest trends in technology. Thus, you will have to put in the effort to guide them in their buyer’s journey.

The Solution

From interviewing your prospects, collecting necessary personal data, and offering them enough time to think upon the deals and property listings shown to them, a chatbot generating real estate leads can be extremely helpful.

Thereon, chatbots can further interact with them through follow-up emails and give them detailed information, requesting them for an impersonal appointment. This meeting can be in terms of viewing the property in person, giving virtual tours, 360 degrees’ overview or engaging with your employees.

Thus, chatbots online can save your time and engage more efficiently with your clients. That’s why according to 2019 data, 58% of people claimed that chatbots transformed their customer service experience. And we bet it was for good (wink wink). Not only this, but the data also claims 64% of real estate agents using chatbots have more free time to focus on the more complex challenges in their business.

Chatbot for Website Removes Communication Barriers 24/7

In a Nutshell – Chatbots add personalization and enhance the relevancy of information provided to your clients to increase the real estate leads.

Do you regret missing a potential customer just because they tried to contact you during your busy hours? Or did you lose a hot deal to your competitors because of your inactive after-hours? Or do you get stressed and frustrated about handling multiple clients at the same time? Or perhaps your visitors were couldn’t understand your language leading you to lose that profitable investment?

Or maybe the client was disappointed with your impersonal lead forms? There can be multiple reasons for communication and emotional barriers that can intervene in the success of your real estate business. So how do you deal with those?

The Solution

The best way to generate real estate leads at any time of the day or in plenty is through AI chatbots. Moreover, these bots resolve the queries in real-time to capture more real estate leads. So, your customers don’t have to wait for an email or call.

64 percent
Chart Source: Statista

Every real estate customer or client has different needs based on the property, selling, buying, renting, budget, amenities, etc. So, clients often look for personalized recommendations and assistance. Conversing with a chatbot can provide exactly that without compromising on the personalization part. Instead of recommending the same properties to every visitor, chatbots customize the information and assistance.

multi language
Multilingual Chatbots

Not only that, being bilingual, they can converse in multiple languages and increase your global outreach. You can also choose personalized avatars associated with the chatbots according to your preference. All of these provide relevancy to the visitors and keep them engaged. 

A Chatbot Online Can Save Tons of Data

In a Nutshell – Chatbots can save relevant information for future use that realtors can make use of for other purposes.

You could have a hard time remembering and recollecting the data/information of any client you interact with. The paperwork will be messy and inefficient. Think about the minute details that you can miss out on during the conversation. Moreover, how are you going to deal with tons of forms and segregating the data?

The Solution

A chatbot online on your website can store every data ever received from a visitor and keep it up to date. When we talk about data, we mean tons of it and the most intricate details.

You can even analyse the trends between the Chabot and the visitor and modify your other marketing strategies accordingly. An amazing thing to note here is 48% of millennials want recommendations from chatbots. You can find out about the most queried properties or the most sort after virtual tours that your visitors showed interest in.

If you integrate the chatbot with a database or CRM, it can save the information without any separate human assistance. Hence, chatbots can make the agent real estate leads capturing process much easier, efficient, long-lasting, and faster.

Real Estate Chatbots Empower your Brand Message

Are you still depending on boring and lengthy forms that can simply irritate your clients? Or are you still taking the help of cold calls, poster advertisements, or even knocking on doors? Back in the early days, you could use any of the above hassle-free. But with the coming of social media and digital marketing technologies, your clients want to see innovation with the latest technology.

The Solution

37 percent
Data Chart Source:

When you invest in cutting-edge technologies like chatbots that use AI, machine learning, and cloud technologies, it sends a powerful brand message to your clients.

Your services speak to them as if they are saying, “We’re here to help you and care about your needs that we’re improving upon our own platforms.”

Chatbots can integrate with other technologies like SEO, Videos, and Digital Marketing to give your visitors a world-class user-friendly experience they wouldn’t have had before.

The Final Word on Real Estate Leads

Chatbots have not only revolutionized estate agent leads strategies but also transformed the methods of locating properties, buying and selling, by streamlining the sales funnel and increasing sales. These aspects have been recognized by Keenclick that uses creative avatars and 3D animations in the form of chatbots and lets your prospects and client interact with them hassle-free.

Not only this, we identify the location of your customers and engage with them in their local or native language, letting no chance for communication barriers.

Still not convinced to leave behind clichéd traditional strategies?

Visit our site now and experience technology like never before!

chatbot bck

Chatbots Benefits for my Business

As a small business owner, you have been searching the internet looking for small business SEO services to increase your leads and found that the business chatbot benefits can increase your sales by generating more leads.

We have compiled a list of 35 chatbot benefits for your business.

An increase of 30% more sales would be stunning, but is it indeed the case that the business benefits of a chatbot on your site are so great that you need to have a chatbot in place?

Here at Keenclick, we have a chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence technology that turns visitors into leads and we love that. Our chatbot is working 24×7 and never gets tired. Hunter is hunting for leads and he is good at that. We also have a video to increase engagement which is part of our search engine optimisation strategy.

The ultimate goal of a chatbot is to turn visitors into leads where sales can turn these leads into happy paying customers.

But before you start adding a chatbot to your site let’s dive into the world of chatbots and the advantages.

What are the Advantages of Chatbots?

There are many benefits or advantages a chatbot has for your business. So, what are the benefits of chatbots or in our case because we use Artifigence Intelligence, what are the AI chatbot benefits?

Before we dive into these benefits, let us look at some of the chatbot statistics and what leaders in the field have to say about them.

Chatbot Benefits Statistics

Chatbot on Mobile
Chatbot on Mobile
  • In 2017 IBM mentioned that chatbots can help reduce customer service costs by 30%. That is amazing, just imagine that you can save 30% on your customer service business costs. You can reduce the budget for customer service and spend the savings in other areas of your business.
  • Even before that, back in 2016, the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella said during a ceremony of the Microsoft Build Developers that “Bots are the new apps”.
  • Google cannot stay behind in these statistics and when you look at the trends on chatbots, then it is clear to say that especially now in 2021 the chatbot trend is going up.
  • Going through the Grand View Research press release with the title “Chatbot Market Size Worth $1.25 Billion By 2025 | CAGR: 24.3%”, it is clear that the trend and this is what we did see with Google Trends, and growth of chatbot usage on the website is increasing.
Google Trends search on "Chatbots"
Google Trends search on “Chatbots”

Searching the internet will give so many statistics and mentioning them all just will give a very large article which might take one hour to read. Not sure, if that is what you are looking for, but when you just look at the 4 companies mentioned then it is clear that a chatbot is evident in converting traffic to leads and it saves in customer service costs but at the same time it increases the revenue of your business because of generating leads out of your website traffic.

Chatbot Features and Benefits

It is already mentioned one of the chatbot benefits is that we give the chatbot a face with our 3D avatar Hunter. One of the chatbot features is that once you or one of your colleagues comes online the chatbot can turn into a LIVE chat where you or your support personnel are in direct communication with the visitor.

But let us dive deeper into the world of chatbot benefits and what this might mean for your business.

How Chatbots Help Businesses?

Below you see a list of chatbot business benefits and how they can help your business reducing costs and getting more leads and sales.

chatbot benefits
Chatbots on Website and Mobile have Benefits for your Business

General Business Benefits from a Chatbot

  • 24-hour availability
    • A chatbot runs 24x7x365. Hunter never goes to sleep, he always works and that means that he is ready to answer your question or in our case, steer the visitor in a direction we want the visitor to go to. During office hours, or when a colleague is available the robot chat can be turned into a live chat with the visitor.
  • Chatbots provide immediate feedback
    • A well-organised chatbot guides the visitor through a series of questions and immediately answers questions the visitor has.
  • Reaching new customers
    • Every business is struggling to get more clients, chatbots help the visitor becoming customers.
  • Increased customer engagement
    • Engagement with a potential client is important because communication is what visitors need.
  • Easier Approach to Global Markets
    • An artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot can be configured in such a way the visitor can chat in their preferred language which is then automatically translated to the preferred language of you or your colleague during a live chat.
  • Follow the Trends
    • More and more businesses have a chatbot, it is the trend and that is going up and not down.
  • Easy scalability of support
    • The support given by your business to the visitor is not “just” general support. Departments can have their “own” chatbot supporting visitors but we come to that once we dive into chatbot on the department level.
  • Better team productivity
    • Knowing what visitors want will produce better results within your team due to time-saving figuring out what the visitor is looking for.
  • Higher customer satisfaction
    • Customers are satisfied when you chat with them solving their problem.
  • Chatbot + Live chat = Complete hybrid customer experience
    • Switching to a live chat give visitors the experience to deal with a company that is helpful in and outside of business hours.

Costs Benefits from a Chatbot

  • Cost Savings
    • Automatic processes save time and money and therefore reducing the costs of manpower. Remember that IBM wrote that a chatbot can save 30% on your customer services costs.
    • A chatbot takes away many standard answers to common questions that your customer support personnel do not need to answer.
    • Bots save an ample amount of time.
    • Your employees can concentrate on the more complex requests from visitor when “standard” questions are answered by a bot, this saves time.

When we look at the benefits per department then we can see some very interesting advantages.

Chatbot Marketing Benefits

The chatbot is part of your conversational marketing strategy collecting information the marketing department need for their marketing campaigns.

Interesting to read is what Forbes wrote “7 ways chatbot tools are important for marketing”.

Coming back to the chatbot marketing benefits. The list below shows a good overview but again, businesses are not the same therefore some of the advantages might not be an advantage for your business.

  • Data Collection
    • The chatbot can collect data that marketing will use for their campaigns.
  • Gain Insights by Monitoring Consumer Data
    • The collected data gives a wealth of information on their consumers.
  • Branding Face
    • The usage of an avatar gives the bot a face and can be used in branding. Not only just the avatar but also the name of the bot like in our case “Hunter”.
  • Lead Generation
    • The marketing department wants to generate leads for sales to turn into happy paying customers.
  • Product Consulting
    • Consult your visitors if they are interested in products you do not sell yet, but also asking existing members if they are interested in better products or upgraded products.
  • Customer behaviour
    • Gain insights into customer behaviour and make changes to the website, chatbot flow or sales process.
    • A marketeer wants to know what the visitors do on their website, I know, a lot of this information can be gathered through Google Analytics but remember that engaging with the customer or visitor on your website is an SEO ranking factor because the bounce rate will decrease, the longer a visitor stays on your website the more Google thinks that you have a great website.
    • Gaining a better understanding of the type of customers.

Branding is an important factor for many businesses. All businesses have a logo, have their colours, fonts and this also can be a real-life person or in our case a 3D Avatar. Yes, it is part of a video but that 3D Avatar has a name, like in our case Laura or Hunter, and even has the logo on her cloth.

HR Chatbot Benefits

The benefits human resources can have by using a chatbot are all to do with recruiting and personnel development.

When we look at what a chatbot can do for your employees, then Gartner has written an excellent article called “4 uses for chatbots in the enterprise”.

Of course, we are more focussing on the small and mid-sized businesses and not directly the large enterprises but that does not mean that employees of smaller businesses do not have any benefit of an in-house chatbot dedicated for them.

  • Support in personnel development
    • Employees need to develop their skills, the chatbot can guide them through the best steps in developing these skills.
  • Recruiting / onboarding
    • Guide the potential new employee through a series of questions to get an understanding of where this person fits into the company.
    • This initial screening can lead to a reduction of interviews, saving your personnel valuable time.
  • Centralised Information
    • Many businesses have an intranet containing many documents about the processes, the chatbot can help your employees finding the information faster compared to standard searches.
  • Automated Processes
    • An employee can get personal information faster about for instance the number of holidays left and send it automatically to his/her email inbox.
    • The same is for payslips where a copy can be sent to the employee’s inbox.
  • Are your employees happy?
    • It is possible to run surveys using the chatbot and use the data to get more satisfied workers within your business.

Sales Chatbot Benefits

As mentioned, Hunter is available 24×7 and now imagine that he collects an email address or phone number for sales to contact and make a sale. This means that there are simply more sales because of the data collection.

It is also possible with an eCommerce site where the chatbot guides the visitor through a sales process, supporting the visitor during this process and therefore less abandoned sales carts.

Lead Generation Chatbot
  • More sales
    • The use of a chatbot will lead to an increase in sales because of the high retention rate visitors turn into leads.
  • Qualification of leads
    • Not all visitors of your website will follow the chatbot and that means that the visitors that do follow are more qualified to purchase your products or services, this means better lead generation for your business saving you time and money and increase the revenue of your business.
  • Support throughout the sales funnel
    • During the sales process, the chatbot can guide the buyer or your product or service through the funnel, helping him/her along the way to your desired outcome and that is the order you would like to see from the buyer.
  • Nurturing
    • The chatbot cares about the visitor and will engage in a pleasant way helping the visitor along the way through the process you have set up.

Customer Service

The all-important customer service can be a general customer service but also per department like sales,  return of good service or any other department that needs a service towards customers.

  • Answering FAQs
    • Going through a FAQ can be very boring and long especially if the FAQ structure is not the best in the world, the chatbot guides the visitor through the FAQ to get the information quickly.
  • Support in case of problems
    • Instead of calling and waiting in a large queue, the chatbot helps visitors in case there are any issues. Your employee can take care of several chat sessions, chat sessions can be sent to other colleagues with more subject matter skills, keeping the chat history in place.
  • Improved Customer Service that speaks for themselves
    • Extensive Customer Assistance
    • Always 24×7 Automated Customer Support
    • Increased Proactive Customer Interaction
    • Instant answers
    • Consistent answers
    • Recorded answers
    • Endless patience
    • Instant transactions
    • Programmability
    • Personalization
    • Cut down on human errors
    • They help to search for information.
    • They make it possible to communicate via relevant channels.

IT Service Helpdesk

It was already mentioned that a chatbot can facilitate support from many departments and that includes the IT department.

  • Support for internal or external service desk applications

Of course, all the benefits just mentioned are the benefits for businesses but what about the customers. What is the benefit of a chatbot for customers?

Chatbot Benefits to Customers

When we look from the customers perspective then there are benefits for them as well.

  • No waiting time
  • Guiding through complex processes
  • Instant feedback
  • No calling and in the queue for a long time
  • No calling costs

These were just several benefits of having a chatbot for your business. Maybe not all are interesting, especially with smaller businesses where there are fewer departments, nevertheless, it is clear that chatbots save time and money next to the generation of leads increasing your sales.

If you are still not convinced, perhaps give us a call or go through the following list

Chatbot in your Industry

Tourism: In tourism, chatbots are very popular. Guiding visitors through the booking process that automatically adds the visitors’ detail into your booking system and help with the payments.

Finance: Have the chatbot answering questions about online banking or answering questions on topics like credit or debit card loss, account openings and opening times of different branches.

Education: Guide the visitor through the online or offline training material, have the visitor book an interview in your calendar system or collect information like a telephone number for a callback.

Real estate: Showcase new properties, arrange views imported directly into your calendar. Collect phone numbers and email addresses for follow-up by the sales department.

E-Commerce: Guide the visitor through the sales process of your e-Commerce platform, FAQ, collect email addresses for marketing.

Chatbot Benefits Conclusion

It was a long read but you managed till the end and by doing so it must be clear that your business can benefit from having a chatbot on your website.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us using our contact form or better our chatbot that you will find to the right.

How to use a Chatbot on a Website?

The usage of chatbots is per website different but common is to create a chat flow that is controlled by the business or website owner. The chat flow is a chat tree that is followed and based on the answer to a question a certain direction is followed.

How to add a Chatbot to my Website?

We cannot speak for other chatbots than ours but a small JavaScript is added in between the header tags of every page. For the majority of the website, this means that you only need to add it once because this header is automatically generated by Customer Relation Management software like Joomla or WordPress.

How Chatbots can Transform your Small Business?

As a small business owner, you do not have the time or resources to be always available on the phone or outside office hours. The chatbot takes over to collect the needed information from the visitors for you, so you can contact the visitors and turn them into happy paying customers. This way you are “always” available, earning more money and have a better customer engagement.

Are Chatbots Successful?

According to Business Insider; Out of 5000 consumers 38% of consumers globally rated their overall perception of chatbots as positive, 11% were negative and 51% neutral. When you have a 38% increase of visitors contacting you to know more about your products or services then clearly chatbots are successful. It generates leads and therefore can increase your sales.

dog massage scaled

Dog Massage

Aventura Dog Massage is a great business that recently requested a dog massage video which we produced. Just below you will find two different videos although only of them reached production and is LIVE on their website.

This page shows two examples of videos created for Aventura Dog Massage and obviously if you own a dog massage business this kind of videos will be a benefit.

The videos are created using different types of software and without going into detail on how they were produced, it does show the differences between the dog massage videos themselves.

Obviously, we would like to have you as our client creating a video for your dog massage service or in the case you have a different business we are eager to talk to you.

Aventura Dog Massage

The two following videos are for Aventura Dog Massage, a website for dog lovers who are interested in the “adventure of giving their dog a massage”.

The request itself was very straightforward like many small businesses do.

dog massage video
dog massage

a) We want a video that we can put on our website and on YouTube

b) The rest is yours.

Great, we love to work like that, total freedom but that does not mean that we can do whatever we want. Besides the video, the business also wanted to have a Chat Box and a 3D Avatar, through our chatbox services, which in the end was “our” dog avatar which they liked.

The end result of both video and chat must be an increase in leads for sales to pick up and generate more revenue.

Aventura Dog Massage (Male Voice)

The spoken text is the same but using different American voices. If you however are from the UK then you might go for a British Voice or perhaps even Welsh.

This video was created using the same background image as you see here at the start of the page. It is only colourised using “our” orange colour.

You also see that in the first video a 3D Avatar has been used and that is not the case in the second video.

Aventura Dog Massage (Female Voice)

In this case, we took a free image and added some text in a graphical way to give a better understanding of the services Aventura Dog Massage provides.

When you compare the two videos then clearly they are very different and it only shows that the options are limitless.

Video is important to have on your website because of the engagement and SEO value it has by having people longer on certain pages.

Marketing of your Dog Massage Business

It would be great if you could contact us to discuss the opportunity of creating a video for your dog massage business and market it at the same time.

The creation is not bound to the two videos you see on this page. the options are limitless and the same counts for the nature of your business.

You might have found our Video Marketing page showing many different business categories that can benefit from video marketing and obviously a dog massage business is one of them.

Chatbox Service

As mentioned earlier, there is also a chatbox which was very simple. Go through a few statements, request their name and ask to leave their email address for the newsletter.

Nothing fancy.

Chatbox Video

3D Avatar dog

The chatbox video has the same content as the videos above just to keep the project within budget. After choosing a voice and confirmation of the text, the video was created and uploaded to the system.

Most important is a happy client who now generates more leads through our chatbox and video services.

Would you like to generate more leads through chat and video services? If the answer is yes, then it would be great to pick up the phone and call us or just fill in the details below and we get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Keenclick

Let us know which services you would like to discuss and we will be back to you.
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